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Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA) 

Addolink 1701 has a short pot life, mainly used for RIM applications.

Addolink 1701 is an aromatic diamine. 
Addolink 1701cts as a chain extender for high quality polyurethane and polyurea systems. 

Addolink 1701 is suitable for use in applications RIM two component PU systems (Reaction Injection Molding), PU rigid foam and epoxy resins.
Addolink 1701 is suitable for use in spray coatings.

Product Information about Addolink 1701: 
Addolink 1701 is a liquid aromatic diamine crosslinker for polyurethane/polyurea and epoxy systems. 
Addolink 1701 shows a higher reactivity than Addolink 1708 and glycolic crosslinkers.

Function of Addolink 1701: 
Addolink 1701 is a low viscous aromatic diamine for chain extending high quality polyurethane and polyurea systems. 
Main applications of Addolink 1701 are RIM, spray coatings and cold cast systems.

Applications of Addolink 1701:
RIM two component PU systems (Reaction Injection Molding)
PU and Polyurea spray coatings
PU One Shot systems
PU sealant systems
PU Rigid Foam
Epoxy resins

Product description of Addolink 1701:
Chemical composition:
dimeric toluene-2.4-diisocyanate

Physical form:
white to bright yellow powder

Addolink TT-content:
approx. 98 %

Melting point:
> 140 °C

Density (20 °C):
approx. 1.48 g/cm³

NCO content:
approx. 24 %

Solubility in water:

Anti agglomerating agent:
< 1 % pyrogenic silica

Product informations about Addolink 1701:
Adhesion to plasticized PVC :
Addolink 1701 is used to improve the adhesion of polyester, polyamide or aramide fabrics to plasticized PVC. 

For this, a 2-component bonding agent system consisting of either:
- Bonding agent TN/N  - Addolink 1701 or
- Bonding agent TN/S 50  - Addolink 1701
is added to the plasticized PVC paste.

To improve the processing characteristics of Addolink 1701, a 50 % dispersion should be mixed into a plasticizer such as Mesamoll.

Addolink 1701 (50%) 3.0 - 6.1 parts by weight with 3 - 5 parts by weight Bonding agent TN/N or Addolink 1701 (50%) 2.9 - 5.7 parts by weight with 4 - 8 parts by weight Bonding agent TN/S 50 added to 100 - 110 parts by weight plasticized PVC paste.
The finished anchor coat is applied to the fabric. 
Once applied, the coating is fused at 180 °C, which anchors it to the fabric.

Adhesion to rubber :
Addolink 1701 is also used to improve the adhesion of polyester, polyamide or aramide fabric to rubber. 
For this, the fabric must be pretreated with a special spin finish. 
For this application, Addolink 1701 should be made up into a 50 % aqueous dispersion.

The following latices have proven particularly suitable for pretreating the fabric in combination with Addolink 1701:
Pyratex 221
Pyratex 240
Pyratex 241

The aqueous impregnating mixture required for the spin finish should contain formaldehyde and thixotropic agents besides products such as Bunatex VP PU 2110 and Addolink 1701. 
After the fabric has been impregnated, it is dried and condensed at 225 - 240 °C.

1 K-PUR micro encapsulated adhesive sealant systems :
For use in bonded glass joints, folding seam seals and as an underbody sealant in motor vehicles. 
Products such as ARCOL POLYOL 1105 (1), Desmophen 1150 (1) or Bayfit 1922 (1) can be used as polyol components.
The following amines are used for micro-encapsulating (= stabilizing) of Addolink 1701:
 Laromin C 260  
 Jeffamin T 403 

The systems are adjusted in combination with other amines such as RC Crosslinker 1701 (DETDA) or Jeffamin T-5000 (4) to reach an NCO/OH or NCO/amine ratio = 1 : 1. 
Adhesive-sealant systems in the form of pastes can be manufactured by adding fillers such as BaSO4, high-activity silica, carbon black or chalk. 
The average stoving conditions for 1 K-PUR micro-encapsulated systems are: 30 min. at 120 °C. 

Function of Addolink 1701:
Bonding agent to improve the adhesion of fabrics (polyester, polyamide, aramide) to plasticized PVC or rubber and for the manufacture of 1 K-PUR micro-encapsulated adhesive-sealant systems.

Packing of Addolink 1701:
Carton with PE-inliner, contents 20 kg

Storage stability of Addolink 1701:
When Addolink 1701 is stored under cool and dry conditions and in firmly closed original containers, a shelf life of 1 year can be expected.

Handling of Addolink 1701:
Consult material safety data sheet (MSDS) for additional handling information for Addolink 1701.

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