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About Us

In the 1940 Mr. Sokrati Karacaoglu, Greek origin entrepreneur, founded 'Selale Kimya ' (" means waterfall in Turkish"), the first company to produce deionized / demineralized water via distillation.

In 1980, Chemical Engineer Cengiz Tuncel has taken over Selale Kimya and Selale started to produce Silver Nitrate, Lead Nitrate, Toilet Blocks, Car Air Fresheners first time in Turkey together with Water and Solvent Distillation.                                              

He established Ataman Kimya Ltd. in 2006 for Chemicals Distributing, trading and import & export operations.

In 2020, the company was renamed ATAMAN Kimya A.S (INC.)

New generation is managing ATAMAN since 2009 and Selale Kimya is still active in producing industrial demineralized water via new processes.

ATAMAN Kimya commits itself to supplying any and all chemical raw materials that customers may need.


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Our company offers chemical raw materials to the following industries :

• Agriculture

• Antifreeze

• Battery

• Cleaning

• Coatings

• Construction Chemicals

• Corrosion Inhibitors

• Cosmetics

• Crop Protection

• Detergents

• Disinfectants

• Drilling

• Electrode / Flux

• Feed Additives  

• Flame retardants

• Flavor

• Food Additives

• Fragrance

• General Industries

• Glass / Ceramics

• Inks

• Metal Surface Treatment

• Metalworking Fluids

• Mining / Flotation

• Oil and Lubricants

• Oilfield / Petroleum

• Paints

• Paper Chemicals

• Pharma

• Pigments and Waxes

• Plastics

• Polimerization

• Resins

• Rubber

• Textile and Leather Chemicals

• Water treatment


Being in a constant progress since its establishment up to date, our company is the distributor of SHINETSU (TYLOSE) and ORGANIK KIMYA. The marketing and sales rights of the brand Nordic Chemical Laboratories also belongs to ATAMAN Kimya in Turkey.

SE TYLOSE ( SHINETSU ) is based in Wiesbaden, Germany, producing approximately 65.000 tons of cellulose ethers annually and is one of the world's most important suppliers. The renewable primary raw material cellulose from wood and cotton is converted into various soluble types of cellulose ether in ultra-modern plants.

With its manufacturing plants in Wiesbaden and Japan, Shin-Etsu is one of the world's largest suppliers of methyl cellulose. The company has recently decided to expand its HEC capacity through investment in a new plant in Louisiana, USA.



Organik Kimya Construction Solutions Business Unit supplies the market with polymer emulsions, redispersible powder polymers and specialty additives.

Polymer Emulsions Offering a wide array of styrene, vinyl acetate and acrylic chemical compositions, Organik Kimya Construction Solutions offers innovative solutions with various polymerization technologies for the cementitious and dispersion based construction chemicals markets.

Redispersible Powder Polymers Construction Solutions provides solutions in carbon rich monomer combinations of vinyl versatate and acrylics that highlight properties such as water resistance, saponification resistance and flexibility.

Specialty Additives Acrylic associative and non-associative rheology modifiers specifically are designed for fullfilling different application rheology requirements of different markets. Dispersion agents, both ammonia or sodium based salts, are able to work with different dispersing systems and chemistries. Rheology modifiers and dispersion agents are used in both dispersion based and liquid components of 2K Cementitious Systems.

Leveraging expertise in liquid polymer emulsions, Organik Redispersible Powders, ORP®, was established in 2011 with a diverse range of products in powder form to address the needs of the construction chemicals industry. Redispersible powder polymer plant with 20,000 metric tons of production capacity was built in Tuzla, Istanbul to fulfill this mission. Tuzla plant investment also includes hot melt production with a capacity of 12,000 metric tons to serve the industrial adhesives market.  

ATAMAN and Organik Kimya’s common customers enjoy valuable solutions for a variety of applications in 6 different business units: • Coating Solutions • Construction Solutions • Textile & Leather Performance Solutions • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives & Paper Solutions • Industrial Adhesives Solutions • Life Sciences & Material Solutions With its focus on customer collaboration and service, dedication to innovation and technology while caring for the environment, Organik Kimya relentlessly works to add value to its customers.


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