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Alkali aluminium silicate in castor oil 

Addovate LP is a drying agent for solvent-free polyurethane systems.

Applications of Addovate LP:
Addovate LP acts as a drying agent in solvent-free PUR system like putties, coatings, sealants and cast resins.
Polyols, fillers, pigments and other additives usually content moisture. 

Already smallest quantities of water react with diisocyanates under formation of carbon dioxide which results in gas bubbles within the whole elastomer. 
Addovate LP avoids this side reaction and enables the trouble-free curing of coatings with any thicknesses. 
The dosage is approx. 5 - 10 % based on the complete PU system.

Description of Addovate LP:
Drying agent for solvent-free PUR systems.

Chemical Composition of Addovate LP:
Alkali aluminium silicate in castor oil.

White paste.


Typical Properties of Addovate LP:
Property / Nominal Value / Unit
Density at 20 °C / approx. 1.25 / g/cm³
Flash point / > 255 / °C
Hydroxyl value / approx. 70 / mg (KOH)/g
pH value / max. 8.0 / #
Solid content / 48 - 52 / %
Viscosity at 20 °C / approx. 16000 / mPa·s
Water absorption / min. 11.0 / %

Plastic drums, contents 75 kg.

Storage conditions of Addovate LP:
Addovate LP is to be stored in a dry place. 
When Addovate SM is stored in firmly closed original containers, a shelf-life of 12 months from manufacturing date can be expected. 
Storage of Addovate LP at higher temperatures can result in sedimentation. 

In such case and in general the contents have to be thoroughly homogenized before use. 
The Addovate LP containers should be resealed tightly after use to prevent contamination by impurities and exposure to moisture, otherwise a loss of activity of 15 % within 24 hours could occur.

Handling of Addovate LP:
Consult the safety data sheet for relevant safety data & references as well as possibly necessary warning labels.

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