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Emulsifiers & Foam Stabilizers

Addovate SV is an aqueous solution of fatty acid sulfonate. 
Addovate SV acts as an emulsifier and crosslinker for the production of cellular Vulkollan. 

The water component serves to promote the propellant effects. 
To improve dispensing characteristics, a crosslinker should be manufactured containing approx. 10 parts by weight of the polyester polyol also used for the prepolymer. 
The shelf life of Addovate SV is 6 months.

Description of Addovate SV:
Addovate SV is an ionic emulsifier and crosslinker for the production of PUR cellular hot cast elastomers.

Chemical Composition of Addovate SV:
Aqueous solution of a fatty acid sulfonate.

Appearance of Addovate SV:
Yellowish to brown liquid.

Solubility of Addovate SV:
In water unlimited.

Typical Properties of Addovate SV:
Property / Nominal / Value Unit
Acid value / 16 - 20 / mg (KOH)/g
Density at 20 °C / 1.04 - 1.06 / g/cm³
Flash point / > 100 / °C
Pour point / < -7 / °C
Viscosity at 20 °C / 150 - 300 7 mPa·s
Water content / 49 - 51 / %

Applications of Addovate SV:
PUR cellular hot cast elastomers
In the production of cellular PUR hot cast elastomers based on polyester polyol and NDI by hot casting Addovate SV is used as a crosslinking agent. 

The water component serves to promote the propellant effects. 
Water content of Addovate SV is thus to be accounted for in the formulation.

Packaging of Addovate SV:
Plastic drums

Storage conditions of Addovate SV:
Addovate SV is to be stored in a cool and dry place. 
When Addovate SV is stored in firmly closed original containers at 10 to 20 °C, a shelf-life of 9 months from manufacturing date can be expected. 

Storing Addovate SV for long periods at a temperature greater than 20 °C may increase the acid value. 
If stored at lower temperatures Addovate SV may thicken, become cloudy or solidify at the pour point. 

This process can be reversed by storing the product, e. g. for 2 weeks at room temperature. 
The contents have to be thoroughly homogenized before use. 
The containers should be resealed tightly after use to prevent contamination by impurities and exposure to moisture.

Handling of Addovate SV:
Consult the safety data sheet for relevant safety data & references as well as possibly necessary warning labels.

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