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Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is a kind of surfactants provide outstanding detergency, high compatibility with hard water, and good wetting and foaming properties. 
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is free of skin irritants and sensitizers, and it biodegrades rapidly. 
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is used in high-quality shampoos, light-duty liquid detergents, bubble baths, and heavy-duty liquid and powder detergents. 

CAS:    68439-57-6
EINECS:    931-534-0

Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) an anionic biodegradable aqueous solution of sodium olefin (C-14 C-16) sulfonate,  is an ideal surfactant for a variety of use. 
This versatile product can be an excellent base for all kinds of products including hand wash, shampoos, and bath products.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) offers formulators excellent viscosity and foam characteristics, as well as improved mildness over lauryl sulfates, can be used in variety of applications due to its excellent viscosity, hard water stability, detergency, foam characteristics.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is also used in emulsion polymerization. 
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) blends are frequently used in liquid hand soaps.

Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is a type of non-sulfate anionic surfactant widely used today in shampoos and other bath products due to its skin mildness, cleaning and foaming characteristics and its ability to mix well with water to remove dirt and oils.  
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is the most commonly used variation, with 14-16 indicating the average carbon chain length.  
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is generally produced in industrial quantities via petroleum cracking.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) are a group of anionic surfactants, which are used as detergents.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) contain a - mostly linear, primary - alkyl R and a monovalent cation M, preferably sodium.
The most frequently used example of this group of substances is Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) (INCI: Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate).
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) are produced by sulfonation of alpha-olefins, typically using sulfur trioxide. 

Subsequent alkaline hydrolysis gives a mixture of alkene sulfonates (60-65%) and hydroxyalkane sulfonates (35-40%). 
The commercially available Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) are mostly solutions with about 40% active ingredient content.
In addition to a longer hydrocarbon chain in which there must be at least one double bond (hence the name "olefin"), Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) has an anionic sulfonate headgroup with a sodium ion as a counterion. 
The sulfonate group is negative in aqueous solution, which is why the Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) are among the anionic surfactants. 

In contrast to most other surfactants in which the C12-alkyl chains have the highest surface activity, Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) shows maximal activity when using C14 and C16-olefins.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is a mild anionic, high-foaming & well-emulsifying surfactant.
Made primarily from coconut oils. 
Stable at a wide pH range and can therefore be used in acidic environments. 
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is 40% active substances. 
Mild primary surfactant with excellent cleansing and degreasing properties (but non-drying on skin & mucous membranes). 
Good wetting effect, foam booster, slight viscosity enhancer. 
Easily compatible with other surfactants including non-ionic, amphoteric or anionic co-surfactants. 

Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) can be used for making sulfate-free cleansing products.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is a non-sulfate anionic surfactant that is commonly used in shampoos and other bath products owing to its skin-friendly properties, cleansing and foaming properties, and ability to combine well with water to remove dirt and oils. 
Petroleum cracking is the most common method for producing Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) in large quantities.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is a great surfactant that helps remove dirt, pollutants and buildup from the hair and scalp. 
Mostly present in hair care products, Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) can also be used in skin care and cosmetics. 
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is a pretty effective cleansing agent with good foaming properties. 
In Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS)'s raw form, Olefin Sulfonate has the look of a fine white powder. 
The chemical formula of Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is C14H27NaO3S.

Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) Chemical Properties
Density: 1.054g/cm3 at 20℃
Vapor pressure: 0Pa at 25℃
Form: Powder
LogP: -1.3 at 20℃ and pH5.43
Surface tension: 36.1mN/m at 1g/L and 20℃
Dissociation constant: 0.15-0.38 at 25℃
EPA Substance Registry System: Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) (68439-57-6)

Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is mostly utilised as a major or secondary surfactant in rinse-off products such as hand washes, face washes, bubble baths, shampoos, and, most often, body washes.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS)'ll give your DIY formulation a rich, creamy shape and make the bubbles thick and fluffy.  
Because Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS)'s a natural and organic product, it'll work wonders for folks with pH-sensitive skin.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS)'s a fantastic substitute for sulphate products, allowing you to make a sulphate-free recipe.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is effective with hard water.
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) may be used in solid or cream goods without having to heat the solution.

Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) with linear alkenyl radicals from C12 to C18 are used as anionic surfactants in various areas of application due to their pronounced foam formation and foam stability (even with high water hardness), excellent fat-dissolving power and oil dissolving power as well as a favorable ecological profile and low aquatic toxicity and human toxicity.
They are typically used in detergents and cleaning agents, for degreasing, in the emulsion polymerization, the conditioning of concrete and mortar as well as in the formulation of pesticides.
Sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate is being introduced in some shampoos as an alternative to sodium laureth sulfate. 
Some groups and sellers suggest that Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is better for someones health, but this claim lacks evidence.

Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS)’s primary use is in washing powder, liquid detergents, and soaps. 
Other applications include the textile, printing, and dyeing industries as well as the petrochemical industry. 
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is additionally used as an industrial foaming agent, wetting agent, concrete density improver, and pesticide emulsifier. 
Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) is commonly used as a surfactant in personal care products, such as sulfate-free shampoo, liquid and bar soaps, hand sanitizers, bath lotions, bubble baths, and facial cleansers, as well as in various household products such as dishwashing liquids and vehicle wash liquids. 

1.Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) can be widely used in phosphate-free washing powder, liquid detergents and other household cleaning products and textile printing and dyeing industry, petroleum chemicals, industrial hard surface cleaning aspect.
2.Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) an anionic surfactant, a wide variety of cosmetic washing, hand-washing liquid, washing powder, complex soap, shampoo and detergent, phosphate-free detergents and other main raw material of choice.
3.Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) also has been used for hard surface detergent and personal care products, and is developing it in oil additives, starch processing aid, acrylate emulsion, mercerized cotton, wool washing, textile and paper wetting like applications in the field.

Sodium Alpha-olefin Sulfonate
sodium c14-16 olefin sulfonate
C14-C16-Alkanehydroxysulfonic acids sodium salts
Sodium olefin-(C14-C16)-sulfonate

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