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Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone was developed to provide high gloss and substantivity in personal care applications, i.e. hair care, skin care and color cosmetics. 
Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone is suitable for water based and anhydrous formulations and is stable in alkaline formulations.

Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone primarily for use in hair care products, but has utility in color cosmetics as well. 
INCI Name: Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone
 Leave-in and styling hair products including shine sprays, creams, lotions, cuticle coats and pomades
 Relaxers, colorants
 Rinse-off products: shampoos and conditioners
 Skin creams, lip sticks and nail varnishes

 Superior, long-lasting shine and luster on many hair types 
 Heat protection for hair exposed to hair dryers, curling irons and other harsh heat treatments 
 Straightening that smoothes curly, frizzy hair
 Hair strengthening benefits to help prevent damage and breakage
 High pH stability for use in relaxers, colorants and perms 
 Mild conditioning for dull hair or hair in need of protection
 Does not contain ingredients of animal origin (Suitable for Vegan)
 This product has not been tested on animals by or on behalf of Dow Chemical*
 No animal cross contamination
 No porcine contamination

Hair conditioning
Skin conditioning

Origin (s): Synthetic
Classification: Silicone
Its functions (INCI)
Hair conditioner: Leaves hair manageable, supple, soft and shiny and / or confers volume, lightness and shine
Skin care agent: Keeps the skin in good condition

Silicones and siloxanes, trimethylsilyloxy phenyl, 3-aminopropyl trimethylsilyloxy, trimethylsilyl terminated;

Silicone Surfactant
> Non-ionic Silicone Surfactant
>> Amino-group Silicone Polymer

Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid.
Solubility: insoluble in water.
Stability: stable.

Ecology : may be hazardous to environment. 
Water body should be given special attention.

Biodegradability    biodegradable.

Characteristics    excellent film-forming, lubricating, antistatic, dispersing, emulsifying, adsorbing, anticorrosive abilities.

Further explanation

On physical and chemical indexes: firstly, shall be indicated carbon atom distribution; secondly, shall be indicated average molecular weight.

(Used in cosmetics, should be test for harmful substances or furtherly test for microorganisms, according to local regulations and standards.

Major Uses
Typical applications
Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone is uses as film-forming agent.
Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone is uses as lubricant.
Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone is uses as anti-foaming agent.
Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone is uses as anticorrosive agent.
Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone is uses as antistatic agent.
Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone is uses as dispersing agent, emulsifying agent.

Personal care products
 Conditioning agent in personal care products.

Textile, fiber, leather
 Softening agent, antistatic agent, brightening agent in textile, fiber, leather.

Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone is a type of silicone.

Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone is a rare cosmetic ingredient, with about 0.00% of the products in our database containing it.

Product Category:nail polish ingredients,colorants, colour enhancers, dyes, pigments, glitters,surfactants, anionic, cationic, amphoteric, nonionic,hair growth,solvents, carriers

Product Description:
INCI Name: Aminopropyl Phenyl Trimethicone Refracitive 
Index: 1.5 
Vicosity: 1000-3000 
cSt Specific Gravity: 1.09 
Flash Point: N/A Active: 100% 
Feature: Long lasting shine to hair, color protectiion, straightening enhancement 
Application: Hair care products, colorants, skin creams, lip sticks, nail varnishes

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