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Antimicrobial 7287
Active Ingredient: 20%
Form: Liquid
ANTIMICROBIAL 7287 is used as a RO membrane cleaning chemical to eliminate biological fouling in RO membranes and other pressure-driven membrane systems for industrial water production.
The Antimicrobial 7287 microbiocide formulation is completely miscible with water upon dispersion at end use levels in the RO feed water system. 
The DBNPA molecule will function immediately upon introduction into the feed water; the rate of this activity is not affected by pH, and antimicrobial control is rapidly achieved if properly dosed.
When added to an RO system, DBNPA is easily rejected by the thin-film composite membrane layer and shows excellent compatibility with all materials of construction of the RO membrane module.

To Control Coliform and Other Bacteria in Publicly-Owned Treatment Works; 
controls bacteria, fungi, and yeasts in paper mills, metalworking fluids containing water, and enhanced oil recovery systems; 
controls bacteria, fungi, and algae in industrial recirculating water cooling towers, once-through fresh and sea water industrial cooling water systems, and reverse osmosis systems; 
controls slimeforming bacteria and fungi in air-washer systems. 

antimicrobial product applications: 
-Enhanced oil recovery systems
-Pulp & paper mills
-Cooling systems like recirculating cooling towers
-Heat exchangers
-Industrial water-purification like reverse osmosis (RO) 
-Evaporative condensers 
-Sewage systems

Product type:

-ready-to-use solution

Registered target pests:
-Slime-forming bacteria
-Deterioration/spoilage bacteria
-Sulfate-reducing bacteria
-Slime-forming fungi (paper mills/water systems)

Registered target sites:
-Industrial water (unspecified)
-Industrial processing water
-Sewage settling ponds (lagoons)
-Waste water systems
-Secondary oil recovery injection water
-Ore processing/recovery injection water
-Cooling tower water
-Air washer water
-Industrial disposal water
-Industrial waste disposal systems
-Reverse osmosis water systems
-Pulp and paper mill systems

DOW Antimicrobial 7287 and DOW Antimicrobial 8536 are formulations containing 20% and 5%, respectively, of the active ingredient 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide, commonly referred to as DBNPA. 
Both products provide broad-spectrum control of bacteria, fungi, yeast, cyanobacteria (blue- green algae) and the true algae.
DOW Antimicrobial 7287 and DOW Antimicrobial 8536 are fast-acting biocides.
Equally important, DOW Antimicrobial 7287 and DOW Antimicrobial 8536 decompose rapidly in aquatic environments, and are environmentally safe.

DOW Antimicrobial 7287 and DOW Antimicrobial 8536 are effective at low con- centrations and are completely compatible with standard chlorine treatment, providing synergistic control of microorganisms.
Because DOW Antimicrobial 7287 and DOW Antimicrobial 8536 are characterized by extremely rapid kill, proliferating microbes and their attendant slime problems are quickly reduced. 
Systems run better, with a higher efficiency, and at a lower cost. 
In fact, when an effective non-oxidizing biocide is required, none can match the total performance package offered by DOWAntimicrobial 7287 and DOW Antimicrobial 8536. 
ANTIMICROBIAL 7287 is fast action gives results quickly. 

You also get control of slime and algae. 
Yet the low persistency of DBNPA mini- mizes safety and environmental concerns with water discharge and atmospheric emissions.
What happens when you treat systems with DOW Antimicrobials 7287 and 8536?
DOW Antimicrobials 7287 and 8536 are completely miscible with water and easily dispersed upon introduction into your system.
Microorganisms that come into contact with these antimicrobials are rapidly killed by a mechanism that appears to involve reaction with the protein fraction of the cell membrane and inactivation of enzyme systems. 
The vast majority of microorganisms are killed within five to ten minutes.

At the time of introduction, DOW Antimicrobials 7287 and 3536 begin to degrade.
Ultimately, only carbon dioxide, ammonia, and bromide ion remain as end products. 
The entire process could take place with a half-life of less than one-half hour, depending on system conditions. 
But since effective microbial control is achieved before degradation, the ultimate effect is virtually ideal. 
Almost instantaneous antimicrobial activity combines with rapid chemical breakdown to present one of the most cost-effective ways of eliminating microbiological contamination with a minimum of environmental concern.

DOW Antimicrobials 7287 and 8536 make short work of bacteria, fungi, yeast, and algae DOW DBNPA formulations are broadspectrum antimicrobials that quickly control fungi, yeast, bacteria, and algae. 
They are also effective against deleterious bacteria, including the etiological agent of Legionnaire’s Disease (Legionella pneumophila).

The hazmat team determined that antimicrobial 7287, a chemical used to clean air conditioning systems, had back-filled into its container and was circulated throughout the building.

DBNPA (also 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide) is a white to yellow powder which can be used as a quick-kill biocide to control slime and microbial fouling in oil well, water treatment, paper mill and other industries. 
DBNPA biocide can easily be hydrolyzed under both alkaline and acidic conditions and quickly kill microorganism. 
After that, DBNPA will be degraded to ammonia and bromide ion. 
ANTIMICROBIAL 7287 is an excellent combination of rapid degradation and faster microbial kill at low ppm concentrations. 
Dowicil qk-20, one of DBNPA formulated products by 20% pruity with polyethylene glycol and water, is completely miscible with water and readily disperses into a waterborne system. 
DBNPA biocide can also be effectivly combinated with glutaraldehyde solution to control the microbial growth in cooling water systems. 
Bichain is one of reliable DBNPA manufacturer and supplier of DBNPA Biocide for oilfield water treatment. 
We supply high quality DBNPA products like Dowicil qk-20, Biobrom and Dow Antimicrobial 7287 with CAS 55566-30-8.

Molecular Formula:  C3H2ON2Br2        
Molecular Weight: 241.84

Trade names for DBNPA include Acqucar DBNPA water treatment microbiocides, Antimicrobial 7287, Antimicrobial 8536, DBNPA 100 P-Tech, DBNPA 100 Powder and DBNPA Powder Water Soluble Bags.

Alternative names:
Antimicrobial 7287
Aquacar Dbnpa 20 Water Treatment Microbiocide
Aqucar Db 20 Water Treatment Microbiocide
Aqucar Dbnpa 20 Antimicrobial
Aqucar Mem 20 Water Treatment Microbiocide
Aqucar(tm) Ro-20 Water Treatment Microbiocide
Bioban Db-20
Fdb 85

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