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CAS Number: 107-98-2
EC Number: 203-539-1
Molecular Weight: 90.12

ARCOSOLV PM is a colorless propylene glycol ether solvent. 
ARCOSOLV PM is used in adhesive applications. 
ARCOSOLV PM possesses mild, pleasant odor and very low content of primary alcohol. 

ARCOSOLV PM can be used as a substitute for ether solvents (ethylene glycol methyl ether, ethylene glycol ethyl ether). 
ARCOSOLV PM provides good solvency for a wide variety of resins including acrylic, epoxies, alkyds, polyesters, nitrocellulose and polyurethanes.

ARCOSOLV PM is a colorless, flammable liquid with low toxicity, having a mild, pleasant odor.
ARCOSOLV PM is completely water soluble, miscible with a number of organic solvents, and has good solvency for a number of substances. 
ARCOSOLV PM and blends can be used as replacements for ethylene glycol (E-series) ether acetates, particularly EEA and EMA.

ARCOSOLV PM provides good solvency for many resin applications, including acrylics, epoxies, alkyds, polyesters, nitrocellulose and polyurethanes. 
ARCOSOLV PM is useful in cleaning, textile, adhesive and ink formulations, and as an intermediate for agricultural products. 
ARCOSOLV PM and ARCOSOLV PM acetate are also used in production of electronic components.

Application of ARCOSOLV PM:
In the electronics market, ARCOSOLV PM is used in conjunction with other solvents (like DMF and/or acetone) in the manufacture of laminates for printed circuit boards. Additionally,
ARCOSOLV PM may be used in the cleaning and removal of solder flux and masks, and in blends as an edge bead remover. 

Aerospace coatings
Architectural coatings
Auto OEM
Auto plastics
Auto refinish
Automotive parts & accessories
Commerical printing inks
General industrial coatings
Industrial cleaners
Industrial maintenance
Janitorial & household cleaners
Molding & trim interior
Packaging inks non food contact
Process solvents
Protective coatings
Road markings
Solvents/stripping agents
Wood coatings

ARCOSOLV PM is a colorless, flammable liquid with low toxicity, having a mild, pleasant odor.
ARCOSOLV PM is completely water soluble, miscible with a number of organic solvents, and has good solvency for a number of substances.
ARCOSOLV PM and blends are substitutes for many ethylene glycol (E-series) ethers.

ARCOSOLV PM is widely used in coating and cleaning applications, ARCOSOLV PM offers better viscosity in epoxy and high solids acrylic systems, ARCOSOLV PM can be used as a coupling agent and solvent for household and industrial cleaners, rust removers and hard surface cleaner. 
ARCOSOLV PM can also be used in 2-pack epoxies and graffiti removers, and for certain ink and cleaning applications. 
ARCOSOLV PM is also used as an additive in metal degreasing agents and hydraulic fluids.

Quality of ARCOSOLV PM:
With high purity and metal levels below 50 ppb, ARCOSOLV PM is well suited for electronics applications.

Typical Purity Levels of ARCOSOLV PM:
Purity, min: 99 wt.%
Acidity (Acetic Acid), max: 0.01 wt.%
Color, APHA, max: 10
Isomer, max: 0.5 wt.%
Water, max: 0.10 wt.%
Chlorides, Cl, max: 500 ppb
Silver, Ag, max: 50 ppb
Aluminum, Al, max: 50 ppb
Gold, Au, max: 50 ppb
Calcium, Ca, max: 50 ppb
Cadmium, Cd, max: 50 ppb
Chromium, Cr, max: 50 ppb
Copper, Cu, max: 50 ppb
Iron, Fe, max: 50 ppb
Mercury, Hg, max: 50 ppb
Potassium, K, max: 50 ppb
Magnesium, Mg, max: 50 ppb
Manganese, Mn, max: 50 ppb
Sodium, Na, max: 50 ppb
Nickel, Ni, max: 50 ppb
Lead, Pb, max: 50 ppb
Zinc, Zn, max: 50 ppb 

Storage of ARCOSOLV PM:
General industry practice is to store ARCOSOLV PM in carbon steel vessels. 
Avoid contact with air when storing for long periods of time. 

Store ARCOSOLV PM only in tightly closed, properly vented containers away from heat, sparks, open flame or strong oxidizing agents. 
Use only non-sparking tools.

Ground containers before beginning transfer. 
Electrical equipment should conform to national electric code. 

Handle empty containers carefully. 
ARCOSOLV PM is flammable, combustible residue remains after emptying. 

Store ARCOSOLV PM in properly lined steel or stainless steel to avoid slight discoloration from mild steel. 
Glycol ethers should never be stored or handled in copper or copper alloys. 
ARCOSOLV PM may absorb water if exposed to air.

Safety and Handling of ARCOSOLV PM:
ARCOSOLV PM has a flash point of 89ºF. 
ARCOSOLV PM is a flammable liquid.

Undue exposure or spillage should be strictly avoided as a matter of good practice. 
Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for ARCOSOLV PM for more specific information. 

First Aid Measures of ARCOSOLV PM 

After adequate first aid, no further treatment is required unless symptoms reappear.
If you feel unwell, seek medical advice.

If overcome by exposure, remove victim to fresh air immediately. 
Give oxygen or artificial respiration as needed. 

Obtain emergency medical attention. 
Prompt action is essential.

Thoroughly flush the eyes with large amounts of clean low-pressure water for at least 15 minutes, occasionally lifting the upper and lower eyelids. 
If irritation persists, seek medical attention.

Remove contaminated clothing as needed. 
Wash skin thoroughly with mild soap and water.

Flush with lukewarm water for 15 minutes. 
If sticky, use waterless cleaner first.
Seek medical attention if discomfort persists.

Identifiers of ARCOSOLV PM:
CAS Number: 107-98-2
Molecular Weight: 90.12
Beilstein: 1731270
EC Number: 203-539-1
MDL number: MFCD00004537
PubChem Substance ID: 57651153

Properties of ARCOSOLV PM:
Autoignition Temperature ('F): 532
Density (pounds per gallon at 25'C):7.6
Distillation @ 760mm Hg, IBP, min: 117'C
Distillation @ 760mm Hg, DP, max: 125'C
Evaporation Rate (BuAc = 100): 66
Flammable Limits (Lower/Upper Vol. %): 3/12
Flash Point (Tag Closed Cup) 'C ('F): 32(89)
Percent Primary Alcohol: <2%
Solubility by weight in water at 20'C: Complete
Solubility Parameter (Total Hansen): 11.1
Specific Gravity @25/25'C: 0.918-0.921
Surface Tension (Dynes/cm) @25'C(77'F): 26.5
Refractive Index @25'C(77'F): 1.404
Viscosity (centistokes) @25'C(77'F): 1.8
Vapor Pressure @25'C(mm Hg): 12.6

Computed Properties of ARCOSOLV PM 
Molecular Weight: 90.12    
XLogP3-AA: 0.5
Hydrogen Bond Donor Count: 1    
Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count: 2    
Rotatable Bond Count: 2    
Exact Mass: 90.068079557    
Monoisotopic Mass: 90.068079557    
Topological Polar Surface Area: 29.5 Ų    
Heavy Atom Count: 6    
Complexity: 28.7    
Isotope Atom Count: 0    
Defined Atom Stereocenter Count: 0    
Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count: 1    
Defined Bond Stereocenter Count: 0    
Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count: 0    
Covalently-Bonded Unit Count: 1    
Compound Is Canonicalized: Yes    

CAS Number:1320-67-8    
Other: 1337-64-0
ECHA EINECS - REACH Pre-Reg: 215-306-1
Nikkaji Web: J1.144.695G
Beilstein Number: 1731204
MDL: MFCD00039550
XlogP3-AA: 0.50 
Molecular Weight: 90.12210000
Formula: C4 H10 O2

Physical Properites of ARCOSOLV PM:
Vapor Pressure, mm Hg @ 25°C: 12.6
Evaporation Rate (BuAc=100): 66
Boiling Point (@ 760 mm Hg): 117°C
Flash Point (TCC): 32°C /89°F
Specific Gravity (25/25°C): 0.9195 
Molecular Formula: C4H10O2
Average mass: 90.121 Da
Monoisotopic mass: 90.068077 Da
ChemSpider: ID2297380

Typical Specifications of ARCOSOLV PM: 
Class: Glycol Ethers
Molecular Weight: 90.12
Appearance: Colorless Liquid
Density: 0.916 G/cm3
Refractive Index: 1.403
Assay: ≥99.5 %
Water Content: ≤0.001 %
Boiling Point: 18 - 119 °c
Melting Point: -97 °

Synonyms of ARCOSOLV PM:
1-Propanol, methoxy-
Dowanol PM
Methyl Propasol
Solvenon PM
Kuraray PGM
PM (solvent)
Propanol, 1(or 2)-methoxy-
1-Propanol, 1-methoxy-
methoxy propanol
CCRIS 8872
Methyl ether of propylene glycol
Propionaldehyde, methyl hemiacetal
1,2-Propanediol, monomethyl ether
EINECS 215-306-1
Propylenglykol-monomethylaether [German]

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