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BARDAC® 2170 P

Low Foaming Disinfectant Cleaner Quaternary Biocides

CAS Number: Mixture


Bardac 2170 P, N –decyl – N –isononyl- N, N- dimethyl ammonium chloride represents a biocidally active quaternary ammonium compound that is different from the traditional alkyl benzyl type of quaternary. The Bardac “twin chain” type of structure has produced quaternary biocides with greatly improved performance characteristics over quaternary products with a benzene ring structure. Made by Lonza’s patented process technology, this Bardac product, with its superior performance, has had significant impact in the industry.


Typical Properties



Decylisonyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride                               70.0 - 72.0% Appearance                                                                Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid Color, APHA                                                                                    200

pH, 10% in DI water                                                                     6.5 – 9.0

% NaCl                                                                                           ≤ 0.25

Flash Point (SetaFlash)                                                                 >200°F

Specific Gravity at 25°C                                                                  0.90



Storage and Handling


For detailed handling information, consult the Bardac 2170P Material Safety Data Sheet which is available upon request.

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