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Cosmenyl Blue A4R

Cosmenyl Blue A4R PIGMENT BLUE 15:1 Cosmenyl Blue A4R is a pigment dispersion of approx. 38% pigment and is based on anionic dispersing and wetting agents and glycerine. The Colour Index of the basic pigment is Pigment Blue 15:1. Cosmenyl Blue A4R is recommended for the coloration of personal care products, esp. soap bars and cosmetics.The product can also be used for the coloration of fabric & home care products, stationery, woodstains, viscose and latex applications. Benefits Readily pumpable and flowable aqueous dispersions Included in at least one of the authorized use lists for cosmetic colorants for the EU, USA or Japan Selected for coloration of toiletries and cosmetics or home and fabric care products in liquid, paste or powder form Microbiological purity specified Recommended for the use in products bearing eco-labels
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