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Disponil 25 S = Disponil OPS 25 = Emulphor OPS 25 

Disponil 25 S is special emulsifier for the manufacture of emulsion polymers, especially for vinylacetate or acrylic homopolymers and copolymers.

On account of its chemical composition, Disponil 25 S combines the advantages of non-ionic and anionic emulsifiers, and can therefore be used as the sole emulsifier for emulsion polymerization.

Composition of Disponil 25 S:  Alkyl aryl polyglycol ether sulphate, sodium salt

Specification Anionic surfactant 28 - 31 % (Q-C 3062.0)
Sodium chloride < 0.5 % (DGF H-III 9)
Sodium sulphate < 1.0 % (DGF H-III 8a)
pH-value (5 %) 7.0 - 8.0 (Q-P 1042.1)
Solid content: Min 25% (DIN 53189)

Additional data:

Appearance:colourless to yellow, clear liquid

Ionic character: Anionic 

Dosage of Disponil 25 S
The amount of Disponil 25 S required depends upon the type and quantity of the monomers used as well as on the polymerization process and the desired properties of the polymer dispersion.

In general 1 - 5 % as emulsifier calculated on the monomer content is used.

Miscellaneous Storage:
It is recommended to store Disponil 25 S at room temperature and to protect it from heat and frost. 
Subject to storage in the original sealed containers the product is durable for at least 12 months.
Subject to appropriate storage under the usual storage and temperature conditions, our products are durable for at least 1 year.

Disponil 25 S is a high-molecular weight ether sulphate. 
Disponil 25 S acts as an ionic emulsifier. 
Disponil 25 S can be combined with nonionic Emulan grades in order to achieve the desired properties such as particle size or emulsion stability. 
Disponil 25 S is used in the emulsion polymerization of acrylate and methacrylate esters, styrene and vinyl esters. 
Disponil 25 S is suitable for homopolymerization as well as in copolymerization of these monomers.

Product Type    
Dispersing Agents > Surfactants-like

Chemical Composition: Octylphenol polyglycol ether sulphate sodium salt

SECTION 3 from msds of Disponil 25 S / Disponil OPS 25
Composition/Information on Ingredients

3.1. Substances
Not applicable

3.2. Mixtures
Chemical nature
Aqueous solution based on: Polyethylene glycol octylphenyl ether sulfate ester sodium salt

This product contains (a) substance(s) included on the candidate list according to article 59 (1,10) of regulation EC No. 1907/2006 ('REACH') in a concentration equal or above 0.1% w/w: Poly(oxy-1,2- ethanediyl), .alpha.-[4-(1,1,3,3- tetramethylbutyl)phenyl]-.omega.-hydroxyHazardous ingredients (GHS) according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008
4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)phenol, ethoxylated

Content (W/W): >= 0.1 % - <= 2.5 %
CAS Number: 9002-93-1
Aquatic Chronic 3

Polyethylene glycol octylphenyl ether sulfate ester sodium salt

Product: Disponil 25 S
Content (W/W): >= 25 % - <= 50 %
CAS Number: 55348-40-8
Eye Dam./Irrit. 1
Aquatic Chro

Disponil 25 S is used as anionic emulsifier for the emulsion polymerization of monomers like pure acrylic, styrene-acrylic acid esters and vinyl acetate.

The use of Disponil 25 S offers the following advantages:

Product properties:

low VOC
easy to handle

Performance in emulsion polymerization:

Disponil 25 S improves stability of the monomer emulsion
Disponil 25 S enables low coagulum formation during polymerization
Disponil 25 S controls particle size of the polymer dispersion
Disponil 25 S improves viscosity of the polymer dispersions

Disponil 25 S Performance in paint binders: increases the tinting strength of tinted emulsion paint

Disponil 25 S is anionic emulsifier, wetting and dispersing agent

Disponil 25 S is an anionic surfactant for industrial applications like the following:
Emulsion Polymerization
Disponil 25 S is used as an emulsifier for emulsion polymerization of monomers like styrene, acrylic acid esters, methacrylic acid esters and vinyl acetate. 

The use of Disponil 25 S offers the following advantages:
— production of polymer dispersions with controlled particle size
— very low grit levels at high solid contents.

Usage levels: 0,5 – 5,0 % based on monomers.
Pigment Preparations
Disponil 25 S is used as a wetting agent for inorganic and organic pigments in preparations
— at high pigment loads
— at low viscosity
— high temperature stability and shelf life.

Usage levels: 15 – 80 % based on the pigments.

Emulsions of solvents, oils and waxes in water
Disponil 25 S produces stable, low foaming emulsions of organic solvents, hydrocarbons, oils and waxes in water.
Usage levels: 1 – 20 g/l Disponil 25 S in the emulsion.

Storage and Shelf Life
Please keep the product in a dry and clean place. When the product has cooled down to less than 5°C, please heat it up to 25°C – 30°C, after stirring it is ready to use again. 
The shelf life is at least two years when stored in tightly closed containers at 20-25°C in a clean and aerated place. 
After this period the product should be analyzed for extension of the shelf life.

Please see Material Safety Data Sheet before handling the material

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