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CAS Number: 68424-85-1

Cost‐effective, compatible with nonionic/cationic detergents and wetting agents, no EU use.

Dodigen 226 is a biocide ingredient for disinfectants and cleaners.
Dodigen 226 is a quarternary ammonium compound for disinfectants.

Dodigen 226 is a clean, colorless or slightly yellowish liquid disinfectant agent. 
Dodigen 226 is miscible in water and 96% ethanol based on quaternary ammonium salts designed for the control of bacteria, algae, fungi, viruses such as distemper, smallpox, hepatitis, etc. 
Dodigen 226 obviously attached to high-concentration floor disinfectants.

The disinfectant with Dodigen 226 is very commercial in hospitals and institutional centers. 
Dodigen 226 is a quaternary ammonium compound that has a slow disinfectant and antiseptic action, is bacteriostatic at low doses and bactericidal at high doses. 
Dodigen 226 exhibits low surface tension, emulsifying and detergent properties.

Applications of Dodigen 226:
Dodigen 226 is the traditional workhorse of the disinfectant industry. 
While Dodigen 226 uses existing technology, Dodigen 226 proves to be highly effective, convenient to use and when correctly formulated, is very cost effective with QAC concentrations of 2000 ppm. 
Dodigen 226 is required to pass the TGA tests under the Hospital Dirty Conditions Regulation.

Toilet & hygienic cleaning,
Hard surface cleaning.

General Uses of Dodigen 226:
Performance claims,
Sustainability claims.

Technical Uses of Dodigen 226:
Chemical group,
Chemical properties,
Physical properties,
Origin Species.

Benefits of Dodigen 226:
Compatible with cationic formulations,
Hard water tolerant.

Functions of Dodigen 226:
Surfactant (cationic).

Manufacturing of Dodigen 226:
A powder or flake preparation with up to 30% active ingredient but containing no other detergents or builders can be obtained by mixing equal quantities of Dodigen 226 and urea in a mixer or on a roller mill. 
The water content of Dodigen 226 partially evaporates during grinding or must be removed, if necessary, by a drying process.

Preparation which contain detergents and builders in addition to Dodigen 226 can be prepared with sodium tripolyphosphate / sodium pyrophosphate according to the following guide formulation:
5–10% Dodigen 226
5% nonionic surfactant
10% water 
30% sodium tripolyphosphate or sodium pyrophosphate

The above products are pasted together and harden within 10 to 20 hours. 
Dodigen 226 can be mixed with further builder substances or extenders.

Liquid products:
The following guide formulation give a liquid disinfectant cleaner: 1-20% Dodigen 226

Storage of Dodigen 226:
Dodigen 226 can be stored for at least to 2 years in original sealed sontainers at room temperature under the recommended conditions.
Protect Dodigen 226 from exposure to cold during transport and storage. 

The properties of Dodigen 226 are reversibly altered by exposure to cold. 
If Dodigen 226 becomes turbid, thickens or freezes through exposure to cold, thaw slowly at room temperature and afterwards stir briefly.

Composition of Dodigen 226:
Cocos alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride
R = mainly C10/C18

Properties of Dodigen 226:
Concentration [%]: approx. 50
Chain distribution of the alkyl group:
C8 – C10 = ca. 14%
C12 = 50%
C14 = 19%
C16 = 17%

Mean equivalent weight of active ingredient: approx. 362
Appearance: liquid
Free amine and amine hydrochloride content [%]: max. 0.5
Iodine colour number: max. 2
pH value (1% a.i. in water): 6.0 – 7.0
Water (Karl Fischer method) [%]: approx. 50

Appearance: Liquid: 50%

Controlling of viscosity,
Compatible with cationic formulations,
Water dispersible, 
Hard water tolerance,
High electrolyte compability,
Particle stabilizer, 
Detergency booster, 
Low foaming surfactant.

Ingredient Identification of Dodigen 226:
Name: Dodigen 226
Segment: Home care
CAS numbers: 68424-85-1

Safety and Certifications of Dodigen 226:
GHS classification,
Hazard statements,
Renewable Carbon Index (RCI).

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