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ECOSURF EH-40 (75%)

CAS Number: 64366-70-7

Nonionic surfactant with low odor, good handling, and emulsion stabilizing properties used in emulsion ploymerization, paints and coatings, and floor polish and wax emulsions​.

ECOSURF EH-40 (75%) is a non-ionic alcohol ethoxylate surfactant. 
Also acts as an emulsion stabilizer. 

Provides electrolyte solubility, freeze/thaw and ionic stability as well as good handling properties. 
ECOSURF EH-40 (75%) is an alternative for APEO surfactants, such as octyl-phenyl-40-ethoxylate. 

Chemically stable in the presence of dilute acids, bases and salts. 
Compatible with anionic, cationic and other non-ionic surfactants. 

ECOSURF EH-40 (75%) has low odor and offers the formulator outstanding performance in areas such as paint and emulsion stability, color compatibility, wetting and dispersing of pigment and filler. 
ECOSURF EH-40 (75%) Surfactant is applicable for use in formulating emulsion polymers, floor polish and wax emulsions. 

ECOSURF EH-40 (75%) can be used in water-based architectural coating, wood coating and traffic paint formulations. 
The recommended dosage is 0.2%–1.0%.

Benefits of ECOSURF EH-40 (75%):
Emulsion stabilizer
Provides freeze/thaw & ionic stability
Low odor
Electrolyte solubility
Good handling properties
Readily biodegradable
Provide performance equal to alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE) surfactants, and better than primary alcohol ethoxylate (PAE) surfactants in many applications
Excellent wetting performance

Applications of ECOSURF EH-40 (75%):
Emulsion polymerization
Paints & coatings
Floor polish & wax emulsions

Uses of ECOSURF EH-40 (75%):
Hard surface cleaning
Textile processing
Any application in which excellent wetting performance is required

Solubility and Compatibility of ECOSURF EH-40 (75%):
Soluble in water
Soluble in chlorinated solvents and most polar organic solvents

Chemically stable in the presence of dilute acids, bases and salts
Compatible with anionic , cationic, and other nonionic surfactants

Disposal of ECOSURF EH-40:
Although the ECOSURF EH-40 are considered readily biodegradable (>60 percent biodegradation within 28 days per OECD 301F) TERGITOL ECO-20 has been determined that for unused & contaminated product, the preferred options for disposal include sending to a licensed, permitted incinerator or other thermal destruction device. 
Architectural coating formulation processes that operate under zero-discharge of wastewater should not trigger the SNUR conditions but each user should assess their operations to assure compliance. 

The SNUR limits release to water to no greater than 14 ppb as calculated after wastewater treatment.
Dispose in accordance with all local, state (provincial) and federal regulations. 

Empty containers may contain hazardous residues. 
ECOSURF EH-40 and its container must be disposed in a safe and legal manner.

Typical Physical Properties of ECOSURF EH-40 (75%):
Actives, wt%: 75
Diluent: Water
Cloud Point: >100
HLB: 18
Moles EO: 40
Pour Point: 3
Appearance: Pale yellow, liquid
pH, 1% aq solution: 6.5
Viscosity at 40°C (104°F), cSt: 472
Density at 40°C (104°F), g/mL: 1.073

Typical Performance Properties of ECOSURF EH-40 (75%):
CMC: 8454
Surface Tension: 46
Foam Height: 100 / 45

Chemical Description of ECOSURF EH-40 (75%):
Name: Alcohol Ethoxylate
Surfactant Type: Nonionic

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