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ECOSURF EH-9 (90%)

CAS Number: 64366-70-7

A 90% active, water soluble, biodegradable nonionic surfactant with low odor used in applications such as paints and coatings, pulp and paper, agrochemicals, hard surface cleaners, high performance cleaners, and textile​​s; offers superior wetting and excellent oily soil removal properties, rapid dissolution, no gel range and good rinseability. 
ECOSURF EH-9 (90%) can also be used for oil drilling and production additives.

ECOSURF EH-9 (90%) is a biodegradable non-ionic surfactant. 
Acts as a wetting agent. 

ECOSURF EH-9 (90%) has low odor and very low aquatic toxicity. 
Provides exceptional wetting and hard surface cleaning, improved handling and formulation properties. 

ECOSURF EH-9 (90%) is used in paints & coatings. 
ECOSURF EH-9 (90%) is listed on CleanGredients and approved for DfE formulations.

ECOSURF EH-9 (90%) is a 90% active nonionic surfactant. 
ECOSURF EH-9 (90%) is used in cleaning solutions

A nonionic ethoxylate surfactant.  
90% solution in water. 

Features of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
Superior wetting,
Excellent oily soil removal,
Rapid dissolution & good rinseability,
Low odor,
No gel range,
Outstanding formulation & handling properties,
Readily biodegradable,
Aquatic toxicity EC50 > 10 mg/L.

Uses of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
Hard surface cleaning,
Textile processing,
Any application in which excellent wetting performance is required.

Applications of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
As a cleaning and wetting agent in hard surface cleaning, metal cleaning, paper and textile processing.
As a wetting and dispersing agent in coatings and paints.

Iodine carrier.
As metalworking fluids, agrochemicals and Emulsifiers and processing aids for oilfield applications.

Hard surface cleaners,
High performance cleaners,
Paints & coatings,
Pulp & paper,

Benefits of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
Readily biodegradable,
Provide performance equal to alkylphenol ethoxylate (APE) surfactants, and better than primary alcohol ethoxylate (PAE) surfactants in many applications,
Excellent wetting performance,
EU Ecolabel,
Superior wetting,
Excellent oily soil removal,
Rapid dissolution & good rinseability,
Low odor,
No gel range,
Outstanding formulation & handling properties,
Readily biodegradable,
Aquatic toxicity EC50 > 10 mg/L.

Solubility and Compatibility of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
Soluble in water,
Soluble in chlorinated solvents and most polar organic solvents,

Chemically stable in the presence of dilute acids, bases and salts,
Compatible with anionic, cationic, and other nonionic surfactants.

Handling And Storage of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):

Precautions for safe handling: 
Avoid contact with eyes. 
Wash thoroughly after handling. 

Conditions for safe storage: 
No specific requirements. 
Additional storage and handling information on this product may be obtained by calling your sales or customer service contact. 
The shelf life given is for unopened containers stored under moderate temperature conditions.

Storage stability of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):

Shelf life: 
Use within 24 Month.

Safety Information of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):

Signal Word:

Hazard Statements:

Precautionary Statements:
P305 + P351 + P338

Hazard Classifications:
Eye Irrit.

Storage Class Code:
10 - Combustible liquids


Flash Point(F):
Not applicable

Flash Point(C):
Not applicable

First Aid Measures of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):

General advice:
First Aid responders should pay attention to self-protection and use the recommended protective clothing (chemical resistant gloves, splash protection). 

Move person to fresh air; if effects occur, consult a physician.

Skin contact: 
Wash off with plenty of water. 
Suitable emergency safety shower facility should be available in work area.

Eye contact: 
Immediately flush eyes with water; remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue flushing eyes for at least 15 minutes. 
Obtain medical attention without delay, preferably from an ophthalmologist. 
Suitable emergency eye wash facility should be immediately available.

If swallowed, seek medical attention. 
Do not induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. 

Indication of any immediate medical attention and special treatment needed:
Notes to physician: No specific antidote. 
Treatment of exposure should be directed at the control of symptoms and the clinical condition of the patient. 
Skin contact may aggravate preexisting dermatitis. 

Firefighting Measures of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):

Suitable extinguishing media: 
Water fog or fine spray. 
Dry chemical fire extinguishers. 

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. 

Alcohol resistant foams (ATC type) are preferred. 
General purpose synthetic foams (including AFFF) or protein foams may function, but will be less effective.

Unsuitable extinguishing media: 
Do not use direct water stream. May spread fire.

Special hazards arising from the substance or mixture:
Hazardous combustion products: During a fire, smoke may contain the original material in addition to combustion products of varying composition which may be toxic and/or irritating. 

Combustion products may include and are not limited to: 
Carbon monoxide. 
Carbon dioxide.

Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: 
Violent steam generation or eruption may occur upon application of direct water stream to hot liquids.

Advice for firefighters of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):

Fire Fighting Procedures: 
Keep people away. 
Isolate fire and deny unnecessary entry. 

Burning liquids may be extinguished by dilution with water. 
Do not use direct water stream. 

May spread fire.
Burning liquids may be moved by flushing with water to protect personnel and minimize property damage.

Special protective equipment for firefighters: 
Wear positive-pressure self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and protective fire fighting clothing (includes fire fighting helmet, coat, trousers, boots, and gloves). 
If protective equipment is not available or not used, fight fire from a protected location or safe distance. 

Accidental Release Measures of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):

Personal precautions, protective equipment and emergency procedures: 
Isolate area. 
Keep unnecessary and unprotected personnel from entering the area. 

Spilled material may cause a slipping hazard. 
Use appropriate safety equipment. 

Environmental precautions: 
Prevent from entering into soil, ditches, sewers, waterways and/or groundwater.

Methods and materials for containment and cleaning up: 
Contain spilled material if possible.

Absorb with materials such as: 

Collect in suitable and properly labeled containers. 
Do not use water for cleanup. 

Typical Physical Properties of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
Cloud Point: 64
HLB: 12.5
Moles EO: NA
Pour Point: -5 °C
Appearance: Pale yellow liquid
pH, 1% aq solution: 6.2
Viscosity at 40°C (104°F), cSt: 61.8
Density at 40°C (104°F), g/mL: 1.0157
Flash Pt, Closed Cup, ASTM D93: 288°C 550°F

Typical Performance Properties of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
CMC: 1066
Surface Tension: 31

Properties of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
Grade: laboratory grade
Quality Level: 100
Description: non-ionic
Form: liquid
Greener alternative product characteristics:
Design for Degradation
Learn more about the Principles of Green Chemistry.
CMC: 1066 ppm (25°C)
Viscosity: 61.8 cSt(40 °C)
Transition temp:
Pour point -5 °C
Cloud point 64 °C (10 wt% actives aq solution)
Solubility: water - soluble
Density: 1.0157 g/mL at 40 °C
HLB: 12.5
Greener alternative category: Aligned

Specifications of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
CAS Number: 64366-70-7
Grade: Technical
Prohibited Uses: For intended use only
Applications: 90% Active nonionic surfactant
Appearance: liquid
Color: colorless, yellow
Odor: mild
Recommended Use: Cleaning solutions.
Relative Density: 1.0317 @ 40 °C (104 °F) Reference Material: (water = 1)

Chemical Description of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
Name: Alcohol Ethoxylate
Surfactant Type: Nonionic

Synonyms of ECOSURF EH-9 (90%):
Synonyms ECOSURF EH-9 (90% Actives) Surfactant
2-Ethyl Hexanol Propoxylated Ethoxylated Polymer
2-Ethyl Hexanol with EO and PO
2-Ethylhexanol_ Ethoxylated_ Propoxylated
Ethoxylated Propoxylated 2 - Ethyl - 1 - Hexanol
ECO2-Ethyl hexanol EoPo copolymer (9 EO)
Alcohol (2EH) alkoxylate
Ethyl hexanol ethoxylated propoxylated

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