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CAS NUMBER: 151-21-3

EC NUMBER: 205-788-1



IUPAC NAME: sodium;dodecyl sulfate

Emal 10P is an organic sodium salt that is the sodium salt of dodecyl hydrogen sulfate. 
Emal 10P has a role as a detergent and a protein denaturant. 
Emal 10P contains a dodecyl sulfate.

Emal 10P is an anionic surfactant, usually a mixture of sodium alkyl sulfates, mainly the lauryl
Emal 10P has lowers surface tension of aqueous solutions
Emal 10P is used as fat emulsifier, wetting agent, detergent in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and toothpastes; also as research tool in protein biochemistry.

Emal 10P acts as anionic surfactant.
Emal 10P is used in hair care, oral hygiene and skin care.

Emal 10P is a surfactant, which basically means it has an effect on the surfaces it touches. 
Emal 10P’s used in a variety of products such as food thickeners, toothpaste, and floor cleaners. 

Uses of Emal 10P:
All the soaps and cleaning products that you use are a mix of water and oil. 
But they don’t mix together on their own. 

Instead, surfactants bring them together. 
Soap's cleaning power comes from the bonded oil and water molecules rubbing against dirt and grease. 

That is why so many products have surfactants in them. 
They blend the ingredients that make cleaning happen.‌ ‌

Personal Products. 
These include things like:  

-Body wash

-Hand soap

-Facial cleaner

-Bubble bath



Emal 10P is also a foaming agent. 
Many of these products use Emal 10P to give a foaming action during the cleaning process. 

Cleaning Products:
Emal 10P’s ability to break down oil and grease lends itself well to industrial products. 
Emal 10P can be found in household cleaning products as well as engine cleaners and industrial-strength soaps. ‌

Emal 10P used in certain foods you eat, within limits approved by the FDA. 
As a food additive, Emal 10P can make marshmallows fluffier and dried egg products lighter. 
Emal 10P helps mix citrus and other acidic liquids with water to make fruit drinks. 

Emal 10P is one of the ingredients you’ll find listed on your shampoo bottle. 
The chemical is found in many cleaning and beauty products.
Emal 10P is what’s known as a “surfactant.” 
This means it lowers the surface tension between ingredients, which is why it’s used as a cleansing and foaming agent.

Most concerns about Emal 10P stem from the fact that it can be found in beauty and self-care products as well as in household cleaners.
Emal 10P is a surfactant with a similar chemical formula. 
However, Emal 10P is milder and less irritating than SLS.

Emal 10P’s used in a variety of products, including:
-Grooming products, such as shaving cream, lip balm, hand sanitizer, nail treatments, makeup remover, foundation, facial cleansers, exfoliants, and liquid hand soap
-Hair products, such as shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, dandruff treatment, and styling gel
-Dental care products, such as toothpaste, teeth whitening products, and mouthwash
-Bath products, such as bath oils or salts, body wash, and bubble bath
-Creams and lotions, such as hand cream, masks, anti-itch creams, hair-removal products, and sunscreen

Emal 10P is also used as a food additive, usually as an emulsifier or a thickener. It can be found in dried egg products, some marshmallow products, and certain dry beverage bases.
Emal 10P is an accepted contraction of sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES)

Emal 10P is also called sodium alkylethersulfate, is an anionic detergent and surfactant found in many personal care products (soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, etc.) and for industrial uses. 
Emal 10P is an inexpensive and very effective foaming agent.

Emal 10P, ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS), and sodium pareth sulfate are surfactants that are used in many cosmetic products for their cleaning and emulsifying properties. 
Emal 10P is derived from palm kernel oil or coconut oil. 
In herbicides, Emal 10P is used as a surfactant to improve absorption of the herbicidal chemical and reduces time the product takes to be rainfast, when enough of the herbicidal agent will be absorbed.

Emal 10P's chemical formula is CH3(CH2)11(OCH2CH2)nOSO3Na. 
Sometimes the number represented by n is specified in the name, for example laureth-2 sulfate. 
The product is heterogeneous in the number of ethoxyl groups, where n is the mean. 
Emal 10P is the most common one in commercial products.

Production of Emal 10P:
Emal 10P is prepared by ethoxylation of dodecyl alcohol, which is produced industrially from palm kernel oil or coconut oil. 
The resulting ethoxylate is converted to a half ester of sulfuric acid, which is neutralized by conversion to the sodium salt.
The related surfactant Emal 10P (also known as sodium dodecyl sulfate or SDS) is produced similarly, but without the ethoxylation step. 
Emal 10P and ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS) are commonly used alternatives to Emal 10P in consumer products

Emal 10P is the sodium salt of lauryl sulfate. It typically appears as a white or cream colored crystal or powder. 
Emal 10P may also be called sodium dodecyl sulfate; dodecyl sulfate, sodium salt; and sodium n-dodecyl sulfate.

Emal 10P is frequently confused with sodium laureth sulfate, but the two are distinct ingredients.
Emal 10P is frequently used as a surfactant, or foaming agent. 

Emal 10P may also serve as an emulsifier, helping oil based and water based ingredients to stay mixed. 
In many of our toothpastes Emal 10P is used as a surfactant and helps to properly disperse the ingredients during brushing, and ensures easy rinsing and removal of debris (i.e. food particles).

Emal 10P is a surfactant that can have a variety of uses
But in cleaning products, Emal 10P is often used to break water tension and attract dirt and grime away from the material it is intended to clean. 

Emal 10P is a widely used surfactant in cleaning products, cosmetic, and personal care products.
Emal 10P functions in cleaning product as a surfactant, wetting surfaces, emulsifying or solubilizing oils, and suspending soil so that they can be rinsed away. 

This ingredient contributes foaming properties to cleaning products.
Emal 10P is safe for use in cleaning products. 

Emal 10P is an anionic surfactant naturally derived from coconut and/or palm kernel oil. 
Emal 10P usually consists of a mixture of sodium alkyl sulfates, mainly the lauryl. 

Emal 10P lowers surface tension of aqueous solutions and is used as fat emulsifier, wetting agent, and detergent in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and toothpastes. 
Emal 10P is also used in creams and pastes to properly disperse the ingredients and as research tool in protein biochemistry. 
Emal 10P also has some microbicidal activity.


-Molecular Weight: 288.38    

-Exact Mass: 288.13712473    

-Monoisotopic Mass: 288.13712473    

-Topological Polar Surface Area: 74.8 Ų    

-Physical Description: White or cream-colored Liquid

-Color: White or cream-colored

-Form: Liquid or solid

-Odor: Slight, characteristic odor

-Melting Point: 205.5 °C

-Density: 1.1 

-LogP: 1,6

-Surface Tension: 39.5 dyn/cm

-Chemical Classes: Other Uses -> Emulsifiers/Surfactants

Emal 10P is a denaturant and surfactant. 
Emal 10P is the sodium salt of lauryl sulfate used as a cleaning agent that produces foam in a variety of household and personal care products

Emal 10P is used to increase cleaning power by increasing the product’s foaming power
Emal 10P is found in household cleaners, toothpastes, soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergents. 

Emal 10P is also used as a food additive and as an engine degreaser 
Emal 10P is commonly used in skincare products such as body wash, cleansers, shampoos and hand washes. 

Emal 10P’s the ingredient that gives these products the foamy, bubbly consistency most of us associate with a squeaky clean.
There are also other types of sulfates including Emal 10P and Ammonium Laurel Sulfate (ALS). 
Sulfates are the ingredients which make a product foam up and Emal 10P is the most commonly used.

-Hydrogen Bond Donor Count: 0    

-Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count: 4    

-Rotatable Bond Count: 12

-Heavy Atom Count: 18    

-Formal Charge: 0    

-Complexity: 249    

-Isotope Atom Count: 0    

-Defined Atom Stereocenter Count: 0    

-Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count: 0    

-Defined Bond Stereocenter Count: 0    

-Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count: 0    

-Covalently-Bonded Unit Count: 2    

-Compound Is Canonicalized: Yes

Commonly known as SLS, Emal 10P is a chemical surfactant used in all sorts of cosmetics and cleaning products. 
Emal 10P can be derived from petroleum, palm oil or coconut oil.

Emal 10P works by turning liquids into a foam and you’ll usually find it in things like toothpaste, body wash, soaps and detergents. 
Emal 10P’s also an ingredient in industrial strength cleaners, bath salts and even make-up.

Emal 10P is a surfactant used in beauty products, other cosmetics an cleaning products
Emal 10P helps to make products foamy and helps to clean away dirt

Emal 10P (C12H25SO4Na) is a surface-active agent used in cleaning and cosmetic products. 
Emal 10P is also known by the term sodium dodecyl sulfate. 

Emal 10P is used in industrial strength degreasers, floor cleaners, bubble bath and toothpastes. 
In the pharmaceutical industry, Emal 10P has been used as an excipient in dissolvable dosage forms.


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Sodium dodecylsulfate
Sodium lauryl sulphate
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Sulfuric acid monododecyl ester sodium salt
Nikkol SLS
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EC 205-788-1
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Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Salt (25% Aq.)
Sodium dodecyl sulfate, 10% solution in water
Sodium n-dodecyl sulfate, 98%, for electrophoresis
Sodium n-dodecyl sulfate (SDS), 20% aqueous solution
Sodium dodecylsulfate;Sodium lauryl sulphate;Dodecyl sodium sulfate
Dodecyl sodium sulfate, Dodecyl sulfate sodium salt, Lauryl sulfate sodium salt, SDS, Sodium lauryl sulfate

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