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CAS Number: 68424-85-1

EMPIGEN BAC 50 acts as a cationic surfactant, anti-bacterial and softening agent. 
EMPIGEN BAC 50 is used in cosmetic care applications.

EMPIGEN BAC 50 is an aqueous solution of benzalkonium chloride at approximately 50% in water. 
EMPIGEN BAC 50 is a cationic surfactant and can be used as an excipient in drug formulations, as a softening agent in textiles or laundry, a dye levelling agent or as an antistatic agent.

EMPIGEN BAC 50 is a quaternary ammonium based biocide with an optimised alkyl chain length distribution, which can be used for the preparation of disinfectants, cleansers and timber preservation
formulations, and for the production of fungicidal/algicidal washes and other similar applications. 

EMPIGEN BAC 50 is suitable for the formulation of disinfectants, cleansers and sterilants and as a fungicidal/algicidal wash base for the maintenance or pre-decoration treatment of masonry, brick, timber, plaster, paintwork, etc. 
EMPIGEN BAC 50 can be used as an algicide/slimicide in swimming pools, industrial water reservoirs and cooling towers and for the preparation of wood preserving formulations intended for primary treatment and secondary preservation (EU/AWPA classes 2, 3 and 4, by dip or vacuum application as well as by spray application in closed tunnels).
The use concentration will depend on the particular application and the required degree of antimicrobial activity. 

EMPIGEN BAC 50 is a strongly cationic product and therefore incompatible with formulations containing anionic compounds. 
EMPIGEN BAC 50 however, be used with other cationic or non-ionic compounds.

Avoid oxidising agents and anionic compounds.
Prior to use EMPIGEN BAC 50 should not be diluted or mixed with other chemicals, in order to avoid any negative influences on the active ingredients. 

EMPIGEN BAC is an aqueous solution of benzalkonium chloride a cationic surfactant used as wood preservative.

The BAC has been notified for the product types PT 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11 and 12 according to the European Biocidal Products Regulation (528/2012/EC) and subsequent amendments.

Aqueous solution of benzalkonium chloride (50% a.v.). Benzalkonium chloride is a cationic surfactant with biocidal properties. 
EMPIGEN BAC 50 is usually used as the main component of various disinfectants and hygienic cleaning agents in combination with non-surfactants. 

As a biocide, EMPIGEN BAC 50 is especially effective against bacteria and some viruses, fungi and protozoa. 
EMPIGEN BAC 50 is used as an algicide in the treatment of swimming pools, EMPIGEN BAC 50 is also effective for cleaning surfaces covered with moss, lichen. 

The biocidal properties of EMPIGEN BAC 50 are used for wood processing. 
Benzalkonium chloride is used in the textile industry as an antistatic agent and as a leveler in fabric dyeing. 

Drilling fluid component. 
In chemical synthesis EMPIGEN BAC 50 is used as a phase transfer catalyst. 
In cosmetics and pharmaceuticals EMPIGEN BAC 50 is used as a preservative,

Uses of EMPIGEN BAC 50:
One of the most commonly used biocides among HR. 
EMPIGEN BAC 50 has excellent antimicrobial properties, EMPIGEN BAC 50 can act as a bactericide (an antibiotic that kills bacteria, but physically continues to be present in the environment), fungicide (destruction of fungal plant diseases) and algicide (a substance that destroys algae). 

Weakly affects viruses. 
The bactericidal activity of the drug is better manifested in an alkaline environment and in the presence of complexing agents. 

Effectively used in medicine: 
For disinfection of medical devices, surgical and dental instruments, any surfaces in rooms, hard furniture, external surfaces, etc. 
Fully retains EMPIGEN BAC 50 properties after freezing and subsequent thawing, therefore, is not afraid of low negative temperatures during transportation storage. 

Foaming hydrotrope. 
EMPIGEN BAC 50 is produced in the form of 50 and 80% solutions in water, alcohol and ethylene glycol.

Other Uses of EMPIGEN BAC 50:
Conditioners for linen
Wet disinfectant wipes
Wet household wipes
Pool products
Hair conditioners

Benefits of EMPIGEN BAC 50:
Offers rapid, safe, powerful antimicrobial activity at low ppm.
Strong detergency ensures ease of removal of organic soil which harbours microbes.

Ease of formulation for biocidal activity under high organic contamination conditions.
Compatible with non-ionic, amphoteric and cationic surface-active agents.

Displays synergistic activity with other classes of biocide & excipients.
Retains activity in highly acid to highly alkaline formulations.

High molecular stability with retention of activity at extremes of temperature.
Lends itself well to formulation optimisation for hard water conditions.

Retains biocidal activity in aqueous and organic solvents.
Benzalkonium chloride disinfectants are non-toxic, non-tainting & odour-free at typical use dilutions.

Environmental Characteristics of EMPIGEN BAC 50:
EMPIGEN BAC 50 compounds display a high level of biodegradability when tested in accordance with OECD test protocol 301C.
EMPIGEN BAC 50 is not known to accumulate in the natural environment under normal use conditions. 

Like all detergents, ADBAC is highly toxic to marine organisms under laboratory conditions, but does not bio-accumulate in organisms. 
In the natural environment EMPIGEN BAC 50 is readily deactivated by clays and humic substances which neutralises EMPIGEN BAC 50 aquatic toxicity and prevent EMPIGEN BAC 50 migration across environmental compartments.

Biocidal Properties of EMPIGEN BAC 50:
EMPIGEN BAC 50 is a member of the quaternary ammonium class of biocides, recognised for EMPIGEN BAC 50 dual biocidal and detergency properties. 
EMPIGEN BAC 50 biocidal efficacy depends on EMPIGEN BAC 50 capacity to act as a cationic surfactant in binding to and disrupting cellular and intracellular membranes, and associated biochemical processes. 

Functions such as cell adhesion, cell signaling, selective permeability to ions and nutritional organic molecules ensure cellular survival through EMPIGEN BAC 50 ability to interact with and respond effectively to environmental stimuli. 
Disruption of these processes ensures a high level of activity against bacteria, algae, fungi and enveloped viruses at exceptionally low concentrations. 
EMPIGEN BAC 50 passes stringent BS EN 1276 microbicidal testing (high organic contamination, hard water conditions) at a dilution of 1:1250, giving a 5-log kill (1:100,000 bacterial survival) against a range of the most problematic organisms.

Identifiers of EMPIGEN BAC 50:
Group: Biocide / Cationic surfactant
INCI / Chemical name: Benzalkonium Chloride
Article: ART00015
Manufacturer: Innospec
CAS: 68424-85-1 / 63449-41-2 / 68391-01-5 / 85409-22-9
Packages: 1 barrel-210 kg.

Synonyms of EMPIGEN BAC 50:
Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride
BAC 50
BKC 50
BAC 80
BKC 80

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