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CAS:    61791-14-8
EINECS:    500-152-2

Ethomeen C/25 is a non-ionic surfactant belonging to the group of ethoxylated coconut amines with an average degree of ethoxylation of 25 moles. 
Ethomeen C/25 has the form of a liquid with a characteristic smell. 
Ethomeen C/25's INCI name is: PEG-15 Cocamine. 
Due to the presence of a double oxyethylene chain at the nitrogen atom, Ethomeen C/25 exhibits the activity of both a non-ionic and a cationic surfactant, especially in acidic systems. 
Thanks to the cationic character, the Ethomeen C/25 molecule can form a single layer (film) on the metal surface, which gives it anti-corrosive properties.
Ethomeen C/25 can be used as an antistatic agent, emulsifier, dispersant, solvent, rust inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor.
Ethomeen C/25 is a multifunctional amine alkoxylate used as an emulsifi er and lubricant in metalworking formulations. 
Ethomeen C/25 may also used in textile applications for antistatic properties. 
Ethomeen C/25 are mildly cationic surfactants that become more nonionic in nature with increasing ethylene oxide content. 
Ethomeen C/25 is substantive to metals, glass, textiles, plastics, and clays.

Ethomeen C/25 is a chemical compound from the group of non-ionic surfactants, belonging to ethoxylated coconut amines. 
The INCI name of this product is PEG-15 Cocamine. 
Ethomeen C/25 is characterized by an average level of ethoxylation of 15 moles. 
The commercial product is in the form of a liquid with a characteristic smell.

Due to the presence of a double oxyethylene chain at the nitrogen atom, Ethomeen C/25 combines the action of a non-ionic and cationic surfactant in the application. 
This feature is most often appropriate for acidic systems. 
The cationic nature of the product means that Ethomeen C/25 can form a specific, single layer (film) on the metal surface. 
This property determines the anti-corrosion properties of Ethomeen C/25.
Ethomeen C/25 is a surfactant used in fiber dyeing due to its very good emulsifying properties. 
Ethomeen C/25 is also an excellent dye leveling agent. 
Ethomeen C/25 also works very well as a co-emulsifier in microemulsion systems. 
Ethomeen C/25 is also a compound with very good detergent properties that effectively removes solid dirt.

Ethomeen C/25 is a compound that works effectively in both acidic and alkaline environments. 
Ethomeen C/25 shows high resistance to hard water. 
Thanks to these features, Ethomeen C/25 is widely used in the industrial and institutional cleaning industry.

Ethomeen C/25 works very well as a component of cleaning agents dedicated to hard surfaces, as well as a component of industrial degreasers, metal cleaners and detergents for vehicle washing and care preparations.

Ethomeen C/25 is also a surfactant with the ability to thicken formulations containing polar solvents. 
Ethomeen C/25's features also predispose it to be used in the cosmetics industry, where excellent emulsifying properties of the product are used. 
Ethomeen C/25 works very well as a component of hair dyes and other hairdressing cosmetics.

Ethomeen C/25 advantages:
an effective emulsifier,
resistant to hard water and acid and alkaline environment,
anti-corrosion properties,
excellent detergency properties.

hair dyes and cosmetics,
industrial and institutional cleaning,
car cosmetics,
metal degreasing.

Ethoxylated cocoamines
Cocoamine, ethoxylated
PEG-n Cocamine
Polyethylene glycol (n) coconut amine
2-Hydroxyethyl coco amine, ethoxylated
(Coconut oil alkyl)amine, ethoxylated
Polyoxyethylene (n) coconut amine
Coconut amine ethoxylate ether (5EO);
Cocoamine polyoxyethylene ether;
Laurylamine ethoxylate ether;

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