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Exolit OP 550

Clariant’s Exolit OP 550 is a flame retardant specifically designed for flexible polyurethane foams. The product is a reactive flame retardant that can be chemically reacted into the PU matrix, preventing unwanted migration from the material. Therefore, very stringent emission standards for PU flexible foams can be achieved. This makes the product suitable for low VOC applications, for example in the automotive industry. Exolit OP 550 is a medium-viscosity liquid, based on a non-halogenated phosphorus polyol with a functionality of approx. 2. Benefits Non-halogenated flame retardants with favorable environmental and health profile Reactive flame retardant for low-VOC applications, allows meeting demanding emission standards like Fogging or VDA 278 Low migration from the polymer matrix due to chemical incorporation prevents fading of the flame-retardant performance High phosphorus content allows superior flame-retardant efficiency at low dosages Medium viscosity liquid for easy processing
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