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CAS Number: 61791-26-2

Nonionic surfactant.
Acid media thickener, emulsifier, HLB approx. 5. 100% active substance. 
Genamin T 020 is used in acid cleaners for toilets, in industrial cleaners.

Genamin T 020 is a surfactant for the chemical-technological industry. 
This yellowish to light brownish paste is composed of tallow fatty amine ethoxylate with 2 mol EO. 
The "T" (Tallow fatty amine) group is distinguished as saturated and unsaturated C16-C18 fatty amines.

Genamin grades can be combined with all types at nonionic and cationic surfactants. 
The compatibility with anionic products must be checked for each case. 

The Genamin grades are resistant to most chemicals at typical concentrations used. 
They are insensitive to water hardness. 

Their specific surface active properties make them valuable bases and additives for the chemical technical industry. 
They can be used to manufacture textile auxiliaries (e.g. products for dyeing) mineral oil additives, crop protection products and pesticides, raw materials for cosmetics and adhesives.

First Aid Measures of Genamin T 020:

General Advice of Genamin T 020:
If medical attention is required, show this safety data sheet to the doctor.

If Inhaled:
If inhaled, move person to fresh air. 
If not breathing, give artificial respiration and consult a physician.

In Case of Skin Contact:
Wash affected area with soap and water. 
Consult a physician if any exposure symptoms are observed.

In Case of Eye Contact:
Immediately rinse eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. 
Consult a physician.

If Swallowed:
Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. 
Rinse mouth with water. 

Do NOT induce vomiting unless advised to do so by a physician or Poison Control Center. 
Seek medical attention.

Firefighting Measures of Genamin T 020:

Extinguishing Media:
Use water spray, alcohol-resistant foam, dry chemical or carbon dioxide.

Special Hazards Arising from the Substance or Mixture:
Carbon oxides, Nitrogen oxides, Sulfur oxides

Advice for Firefighters:
Wear self contained breathing apparatus for fire fighting if necessary.

Further Information:
No data available.

Accidental Release Measures of Genamin T 020:

Personal precautions of Genamin T 020:
Wear respiratory protection. 
Avoid dust formation.
Avoid breathing vapours, mist or gas. 

Ensure adequate ventilation. 
personnel to safe areas. 
Avoid breathing dust.

Environmental precautions of Genamin T 020:
Prevent further leakage or spillage if safe to do so. 
Do not let product enter drains.
Method and materials for containment and cleaning up

Pick up and arrange disposal without creating dust. 
Sweep up and shovel. 
Keep in suitable, closed containers for disposal

Exposure Controls/Personal Protection of Genamin T 020:

Control Parameters:
Contains no components with established occupational exposure limits.

Exposure Controls of Genamin T 020:

Appropriate Engineering Controls:
A laboratory fumehood or other appropriate form of local exhaust ventilation should be used to avoid exposure.

Personal Protective Equipment of Genamin T 020:
All recommendations below are advisory in nature and a risk assessment should be performed by the employer/end user prior to use of this product. 
The type of protective equipment must be selected based on the amount and concentration of the dangerous material being used in the workplace.

Eye/Face Protection of Genamin T 020:
Safety goggles or face shield. 
All equipment should have been tested and approved under appropriate standards, such as NIOSH (US), CSA (Canada), or EN 166 (EU).

Skin Protection of Genamin T 020:
Gloves should be used when handling this material. 
Gloves are to be inspected prior to use. 

Contaminated gloves are to be removed using proper glove removal technique so that the outer surface of the glove does not contact bare skin. 
Dispose of contaminated gloves after use in compliance with good laboratory practices and local requirements.

Synonyms of Genamin T 020:
TAM 105
Tallow alkyl amines, ethoxylated
Toximul TA 10
Toximul TA 15
Toximul TA2
Toximul TA 5
Toximul TA 6
Trymeen 6606
Trymeen 6607
Trymeen TAM
VaronicT 202
Varonic T 205
Varonic T 210
Varonic T 216
Varonic T 220
Varonic T220D
Weedmaster CT Surfactant
Witcamine 405
Witcamine 6606
Witcamine TAM105
Witcamine TAM 45
Witconol TD 1407
Tam 15;Teric 17M2
Teric 204
Terwet 3780
Toximul 8362
Agnique Tam5
Alkaminox T 12
Alkaminox T 2
Amiet 502
Amiladin D
Amines, tallow, ethoxylated
Amines, tallow, polyethoxylated
Atlas G 3762
Atlas G 3780644
Atlas G 3780A
Atmer 261
Berol 392
Chemeen T 5
Crisomin T 15
Crodamet T 15
Entry II
Ethomeen T
Ethomeen T 12
Ethomeen T 15
Ethomeen T 16
Ethomeen T20
Ethomeen T 25
Ethomeen T 27
Ethomeen T 30
Ethomeen T 40
Ethomeen T 70
Ethox TAM 15
Ethox TAM 2
Ethox TAM 20
Ethox TAM 5
Ethoxamine SF 11
Ethoxamine SF 15
Ethoxylated tallow alkyl amines
Ethoxylated tallow amines
Ethylan TT 05
Ethylan TT 15
Ethylan TT 203
Ethylan TT 40
G 3780A
Genamin T
Genamin T 020
Genamin T 050
Genamin T 080
Genamin T 100
GenaminT 120
Genamin T 150
Genamin T 200
Genamin T 200NF
Genamin T 250
HostastatFA 38
Icomeen T 15
Icomeen T 2
Jeetox T 2
KFG 597C
Katapol PN430
Katapol PN 530
Katapol PN 730
Katapol VP 532
Kemamine AS 974-1
Mazeen T 2
Nalco NM 159
Newcol TA 420
Nissan Nymeen T 2-202
Nissan Nymeen T 2-230
Nissan Nymeen T 2-260
Noramox S
Noramox S 1
Noramox S11
Noramox S 2
Noramox S 5
Noramox S 7
Prevocell 1618/3
Rhodameen IT50/46
Rhodameen PN 430
Rhodameen T 12/90
Rhodameen T 15
Rhodameen T 50
Rhodameen T 7
Rhodameen VP 532
Rhodameen VP 532SPB
Surfonic AGM 510
Surfonic T 10
Surfonic T 15
Surfonic T 2
Surfonic T 20
Surfonic T 5
Surfonic T 6
PEG-N tallowamine

Other Genamin T classes:
Genamin T 020
Genamin T 120
Genamin T 200

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