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CAS: 68551-12-2

Product Function: Emulsifier
Chemical Type: Alkoxylated Alcohols

-Sun Protection

Product properties

Concentration [%]: approx. 100
Appearance at 25°C: liquid to paste

pH value (1 % in water):
6.5 – 7.5 (Mexico)
6.0 – 7.5 (USA)

Cloud point [° C]:
1 g in 100 cm3 of 10 % aqueous NaCl solution
61.5 – 65.5 (Mexico)
(5g in 25 ml of 25% aqueous BDG solution)
82.0 – 84.0 (USA)

Genapol LA 090 is a solubilizer used in skin and hair cleansing products.

Genapol LA 090 by Clariant is fatty alcohol polyglycol ether. 
Genapol LA 090 acts as a solubilizer with anti-itching effect (polydocanol) in shampoos. 
Genapol LA 090 is cold-processable and offers dispersing effects. 
Genapol LA 090 is suitable for use in shampoo, shower, liquid soap, creams and lotion formulations.

-Solubilizing/Dispersing effect

Genapol LA 090 is a nonionic emulsifier for the chemical industry. 
This colorless, turbid liquid is compatible with anionic, cationic and other nonionic surfactants and is resistant against strong alkaline and acid solutions. 
Genapol LA 090 is used as a wetting agent, emulsifier and dispersing agent e.g. in detergents, industrial & institutional cleaners, in emulsion polymerization or in wax and silicon emulsions.

This detergent and cleaning component acts as a wetting agent for a variety of applications. 
Genapol LA 090 SG Vita is 100% bio-based with a fully segregated supply chain and a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of 100%.


emulsifier and solubilizer for hydrophobic active ingredients and perfume oils, special cleaning agents.

Genapol LA 090 can be stored for at least to 2 years in original sealed containers at room temperature under the recommended conditions.
Protect from exposure to cold during transport and storage. 
The properties of Genapol LA 090 are reversibly altered by exposure to cold. 
Genapol LA 090 becomes turbid, thickens or freezes through exposure to cold, thaw slowly at room temperature and afterwards stir briefly.


Ethoxylated C12-16 alcohols


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