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CAS number : 68920-66-1
European Community (EC) Number: 500-236-9

Composition: Oleic alcohol polyethylene glycol ether with 20 moles ethylene oxide

Chemical nature: A fatty alcohol polyglycol ether
Chemical Name: Oleth-20 
Product Function: Emulsifier
Chemical Type: Alkoxylated Alcohols

Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture
Industry sector : Industrial Performance Chemicals
Type of use : 
-Wetting agent

Genapol O 200 is an nonionic emulsifier and solubilizer for cosmetic applications. 
Genapol O 200 is a natural derived alcohol ethoxylate.

Genapol O 200 is composed of C16/18 fatty alcohol polyglycol ether with 20 mol EO. 
Genapol O 200 is an emulsifier and solubilizer for cosmetic use.

Oleth-20. Genapol O 200 by Clariant acts as a non-ionic emulsifier and solubilizer. 
Genapol O 200 is used in emulsions, hair treatment rinses, styling products and gels.

Emulsifier and solubilizer for cosmetic use.

Genapol O 200 can be stored for at least 2 years in original sealed containers at room temperature under the recommended conditions.
Genapol O 200 undergoes no change whatever in it's product properties when exposed to cold during transport and storage.

Genapol O 200 is a nonionic, ethoxylated alcohol surfactant and solubilizer.  
Genapol O 200s excellent degreasing and oil rejection properties make it suitable for immersion and ultrasonic cleaning applications.  
Compatibility with aqueous acids and bases makes it stable in a range of formualtion types. 

Solubility in water
At 25°C aqueous solutions of Genapol O 200 form a highly viscous to waxy like gel in the range of 100 to about 20% active substance in water.
It is therefore necessary to melt Genapol O 200 at 80°C and later dissolve the product under stirring in water at 80°C.
At room temperature aqueous solutions of Genapol O 200 are only clear, free-flowing liquids with 0 - 20% active material.


Genapol O 200 is used in emulsion polymerization of the following monomers:

· vinyl acetate together with acrylates, vinyl chloride or ethylene
· acrylate and acrylate / styrene dispersions

Genapol O 200 prevents the polymer dispersion from coagulation and improves electrolyte resistance and freeze/thaw stability.

Genapol O 200 is also used as a dispersing agent for pigment preparations and as an emulsifier for waxes and organic solvents.

Concentration: approx.100%
Appearance: wax-like
Dilutability at 20°C, 1%: clear
Density at 50°C [g/cm3]: approx. 1.02
Drop point [°C]: Approx. 50
pH value (1% a.i. in water): 6.0 – 8.0
Hazen colour max. 400
Flash point [°C]: > 250
Cloud point [°C] (1g in 100ml 10% NaCl solution): 74 − 76
HLB value: approx.15

-Solubilizing/dispersing effect
-Excellent cleaning and degreasing 
-Excellent oil rejection 
-Solubilizing and dispersing effects

-Hair Conditioner
-Hair Styling
-Cream, Lotion
-Sun Protection

Performance Claims: 
-Emulsifying properties

OLETH-20 is used to clean skin and hair by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed away. 
These ingredients also help to form emulsions by reducing the surface tension of the substances to be emulsified and help ingredients to dissolve in liquids in which they would not normally dissolve.



Alcohols, C16-18 and C18-unsatd., ethoxylated


(C16-C18) and (C18) Unsaturated alkylalcohol, ethoxylate

EC 500-236-9



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