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Genapol O 300 is a nonionic emulsifier for the chemical industry.

Composition of Genapol O 300:
Oleic alcohol polyethylene glycol ether with 30 moles ethylene oxide

Genapol O 300 is a fatty alcohol polyglycol ether based on C16/18 alcohol, with 30 mol EO. 
Genapol O 300 is a non-ionic emulsifier for the formulation of personal care products such as creams and lotions.

Product properties of Genapol O 300:
Active substance content:
about 100 %

Appearance at 20 °C:
white wax

pH value (DIN EN 1262), 1% in water:
6 - 8

HLB value:
about 17

Melting point:
> 70 °C

Flash point (DIN/ISO 2592):
> 100 °C

Genapol O 300 solubility in water:
At 25°C aqueous solutions of Genapol O-300 form a highly viscous to waxy like gel in the range of 100 to 15% active substance in water.
It is therefore necessary to melt Genapol O-300 at 80°C and later dissolve the product under stirring in water at 80°C.
At room temperature aqueous solutions of Genapol O-300 are only clear, free-flowing liquids with 0 - 15% active material.

Uses of Genapol O 300:
Genapol O-300 is used in emulsion polymerization of the following monomers:
• vinyl acetate together with acrylates, vinyl chloride or ethylene
• acrylate and acrylate / styrene dispersions

Genapol O-300 prevents the polymer dispersion from coagulation and improves electrolyte resistance and freeze/thaw stability.
Genapol O-300 is also used as a dispersing agent for pigment preparations and as an emulsifier for waxes and organic solvents.

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