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Tosylchloramide sodium; (n-chloro-p-toluenesulfonamido)sodium; acti-chlore; Chloramine-T; CHLORAMINE T; 127-65-1; Chloralone; Chlorasan; Chlorozone; Tosylchloramide sodium; Acti-chlore; Chloraseptine; Chlorazene; Chlorazone; Chlorseptol; Multichlor; Tochlorine; Aktivin; Chlorazan; Chlorosol; Heliogen; Mannolite; Tampules; Tolamine; Sodium chloramine T; Chlorina Aktivin; Monochloramine T; Sodium tosylchloramide; Sodium p-toluenesulfonchloramide; Berkendyl; Anexol; Tosilcloramida sodica; 


CAS NUMBER : 127-65-1

CHLORAMINE T; CHLORAMINE T POLYMER BOUND; CHLORAMINE T SODIUM; CHLORASEPTINE; CHLORAZONE; EUCLORINA; GANSIL; GYNECHLORINA; IODO-BEADS(R); MIANINE; MONOCHLORAMINE REAGENT; N-CHLORO-4-METHYL-BENZENESULFONAMIDE SODIUM; N-CHLORO-4-TOLUENESULFONAMIDE, SODIUM SALT; N-CHLORO-P-TOLUENESULFONAMIDE SODIUM SALT; N-CHLORO-P-TOLUENESULPHONAMIDE, SODIUM SALT; P-TOLUENESULFONCHLORAMIDE SODIUM SALT; SODIUM-P-TOLUENESULFONCHLORAMIDE; Tosylchloramide sodium; (n-chloro-p-toluenesulfonamido)sodium; acti-chlore; Chloramine-T; CHLORAMINE T; 127-65-1; Chloralone; Chlorasan; Chlorozone; Tosylchloramide sodium; Acti-chlore; Chloraseptine; Chlorazene; Chlorazone; Chlorseptol; Multichlor; Tochlorine; Aktivin; Chlorazan; Chlorosol; Heliogen; Mannolite; Tampules; Tolamine; Sodium chloramine T; Chlorina Aktivin; Monochloramine T; Sodium tosylchloramide; Sodium p-toluenesulfonchloramide; Berkendyl; Anexol; Tosilcloramida sodica; Cloramine T; Tosylchloramide sodique; Tosylchloramidum natricum; Clorina; Euclorina; Aseptoclean; Gyneclorina; (N-Chloro-p-toluenesulfonamido)sodium; Clorosan; Desinfect; Kloramin; Mianine; Gansil; Tosylchloramid-natrium; Sodium p-toluenesulfonylchloramide; Chloramin Heyden; Kloramine-T; N-Chloro-p-toluenesulfonamide sodium; Sodium N-chloro-p-toluenesulfonamide; Sodium chloro(tosyl)amide; Chloramine-T hydrate; Halamid; Caswell No. 170; Chloramin Dr. Fahlberg; N-Chlorotoluenesulfonamide sodium salt; UNII-328AS34YM6; CHEBI:53767; HSDB 4303; N-Chloro-4-methylbenzylsulfonamide sodium salt; EINECS 204-854-7; Tosilcloramida sodica [INN-Spanish]; N-Chloro-4-methylbenzenesulfonamide sodium salt; Tosylchloramide sodique [INN-French]; Tosylchloramidum natricum [INN-Latin]; EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 076502; Tosylchloramide sodium [INN]; p-Toluenesulfonamide, N-chloro-, sodium salt; sodium chloro(4-methylbenzenesulfonyl)azanide; [chloro(p-tolylsulfonyl)amino]sodium; Benzenesulfonamide, N-chloro-4-methyl-, sodium salt; 149358-73-6; Tosylchloramide sodium (INN); Benzenesulfonamide, N-chloro-4-methyl-, sodium salt (1:1); Sodium derivative of N-chloro-p-toluenesulfonamide trihydrate; Chloramine-t [NF]; Chloramine-T / Tosylchloramide sodium; Chloramin T; Chloramine (T); (N-chloro-p-toluenesulfonamide)sodium; N-Chloro-4-toluenesulfonamide,sodiu; p-Toluenesulfonchloramide Sodium Salt; Chloramine T (Tosyl Chloramide Sodium Salt); sodium chloro[(4-methylphenyl)sulfonyl]azanide; kloramin T; kloramin-T; halamid; halamit;


Halamid (Chloramine-T)

Halamid (Chloramine-T)is the organic compound with the formula CH3C6H4SO2NClNa. Both the anhydrous salt and its trihydrate are known. Both are white powders. Halamid (Chloramine-T) is used as a reagent in organic synthesis. Reactions

Halamid (Chloramine-T)contains active (electrophilic) chlorine. Its reactivity is similar to that of sodium hypochlorite. Aqueous solutions of chloramine-T are slightly basic (pH typically 8.5). The pKa of the closely related N-chlorophenylsulfonamide C6H5SO2NCl(H) is 9.5.

Halamid (Chloramine-T) is prepared by oxidation of toluenesulfonamide with sodium hypochlorite, with the latter being produced in situ from sodium hydroxide and chlorine (Cl2):

Usage of Halamid (Chloramine-T)

Reagent in amidohydroxylation

The Sharpless oxyamination converts an alkene to a vicinal amino alcohol. A common source of the amido component of this reaction is chloramine-T. Vicinal amino-alcohols are important products in organic synthesis and recurring pharmacophores in drug discovery.


Halamid (Chloramine-T) is a strong oxidant. Halamid (Chloramine-T) oxidizes hydrogen sulfide to sulfur and mustard gas to yield a harmless crystalline sulfimide.

Halamid (Chloramine-T) converts iodide to iodine monochloride (ICl). ICl rapidly undergoes electrophilic substitution predominantly with activated aromatic rings, such as those of the amino acid tyrosine. Thus, Halamid (Chloramine-T) is used to incorporate iodine into peptides and proteins. Halamid (Chloramine-T) together with iodogen or lactoperoxidase is commonly used for labeling peptides and proteins with radioiodine isotopes.

Halamid (Chloramine-T); Food Production Facilities (meat combinations, egg-containing food production, dessert, chocolate, biscuit, canned food, tomato paste, frozen and dry food, beverage industry, brewery, milk processing plants, ice cream, dairies ...) Drinking Water Filling Facilities and Food Presentation and Halamid (Chloramine-T) is used by businesses that distribute (hotel kitchens, dining halls, restaurants, cathering companies, cafes ...). Halamid is concentrated; in tablet and powder form. Halamid (Chloramine-T)’ s active ingredient is sodium-N-chloropala toluensulphonechloramide (Halamid (Chloramine-T)), which is extremely effective and active. (Note: Mentioned toluene is organic.) Other 11 microcrystalline raw materials hidden in Halamid (Chloramine-T) are of DAB 10 quality. This provides fast solution in water (30 seconds) and 3.5 YEARS SHELF LIFE WARRANTY, provided that Halamid (Chloramine-T) is stored under 25 ° C in its original package. The action mechanism of halamid is triggered when it is diluted. Active groups in its body become active in direct proportion to the microorganism density and adhere to its body. Active groups destroy microorganisms quickly without allowing them to show resistance. Its anionic structure breaks the biofilm layer accumulated on the surface and destroys the microorganisms from entering inside, thus without losing its effect and without damaging the applied surface.

Due to Halamid (Chloramine-T)’s active structure, it does not require the alternating use of different active substances or increasing the concentration at certain intervals in continuous use, as it quickly penetrates and destroys microorganisms without allowing them to show resistance. With this feature, Halamid (Chloramine-T) provides a certain order and stability in the cost structure of the enterprise. As a result of the clinical tests and researches carried out so far, no microorganism has been detected in which Halamid is not effective. Bacteria (Gram -, +), Viruses (Enveloped, non-enveloped), Microbacteria, Fungus, Yeast, Spores. (Microorganisms with proven efficacy in clinical trials - their duration of action are indicated in the Appendix.) Since halamid completely oxidizes microorganisms, resistance formation is not possible. Halamid (Chloramine-T) is an ecological product - 100% Biodegradable! Halamid disappears in nature in a short time. Halamid (Chloramine-T) has been proven by clinical trials that AOX formation is negligible. Halamid (Chloramine-T) brings a unique solution to businesses in compliance with (Environmental Health) Conditions, which are becoming more and more important in international regulations. No Residue - No Taste, No Smell, No Color! Halamid does not leave any active residue. Halamid (Chloramine-T) reduces the amount of water used by the enterprises in rinsing, as it destroys microorganisms not by its ability to hold onto the surface, but by the strength of holding onto the structures of microorganisms. Thus, both the rinsing time and the water consumption are reduced. Even Activation of 4-70 C Temperature Ranges is Maximum! Halamid (Chloramine-T) is not carcinogenic. Halamid (Chloramine-T) has been proven by clinical trials that Halamid (Chloramine-T) never affects cell structure and genes. Not Corrosive - No Harm in Skin Contact! While in powder and tablet form, Halamid (Chloramine-T) should not be inhaled and gloves should be used. However, when diluted, Halamid (Chloramine-T) can be easily used on all surfaces (wood, aluminum, steel, PVC, etc.). When used with different dilutions, it can even be used for hand hygiene. With its regular use, Halamid (Chloramine-T) eliminates possible fungus and similar formations in the hands and feet of the personnel working actively in production. Hard Water Does Not Reduce Activation Power! The active ingredient of some disinfectants is sensitive to hard water and reduces their potency. The activation of halamid in hard water is maximum. Halamid (Chloramine-T) can be used easily in all waters such as rain water, spring water, well water, etc. Provides Multi Purpose Usage! When Halamid is prepared in different concentration ratios, Halamid (Chloramine-T) is easily used in surface and area disinfection, environment disinfection, disinfection of tools and equipment, water disinfection, disinfection of fruits and vegetables, foot pools, hand hygiene, sterilization of some cutting tools (dipping method). Businesses do not require different products for different points. Thus, Halamid (Chloramine-T) balances the cost margin. To summarize, Halamid (Chloramine-T) reduces the time allocated to cleaning, provides effective results (ATP and microbial results), minimizes water and energy loss, balances workforce density, reduces the use of different products at different points. With all these features, it reduces hygiene costs and facilitates HACCP and Quality Control Management inspection. ECONOMICAL! The information given above has been calculated for the use of surface and environment disinfection only. In food production points where moisture and heat are intense, the activation power does not decrease even in 4-70 C temperature range. Halamid (Chloramine-T) does not require concentration or application amount increase in high temperature environments. Provides an Exact Solution with 0.5% concentration in all conditions. Shelf Life is 3.5 YEARS! Halamid tablets and powder products offer 3.5-year shelf life guarantee under 25 C in dry and dark environment. When diluted and stored under the same conditions, 4 WEEKS give a usage amount without losing its effect. With this feature, Halamid (Chloramine-T) brings long-term and effective ease of use to businesses. The product is in powder form. It is activated by water. Personnel hand hygiene, Floor and Surface disinfection, Foot Pools etc… ONE PRODUCT is used everywhere. Shelf life in concentrated (powder) form can be up to 7 years. When it is put into solution, Halamid (Chloramine-T) maintains its effectiveness for a minimum of 3 months. Microorganisms cannot create resistance against Chloramine T. The product can be used on any surface easily. It does not show a corrosive effect. When the disinfectant solution is prepared; The solution has no taste, color or odor. Chloramine T does not cause bioaccumulation in nature, it does not harm the environment. The disinfectant solution to be prepared is sprayed, pulverized, with mops, dipping, dosing systems and so on. Halamid (Chloramine-T) can be applied with methods. It is an easy to use product. 5 - 10 Min. Halamid (Chloramine-T) is effective against all microorganisms. OTHER DISINFECTANTS / PRE-CLEANING MATERIALS;

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