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CAS NO.: 12021-95-3
EC/LIST NO.:     234-666-0

Hexafluorozirconium acid (HFZA) is mainly used as corrosion inhibitor by customers active in the metal and coatings industry. 
Hexafluorozirconium acid does show highest effectiveness on aluminium though it can be used on other metals as well. 
Customers are using Hexafluorozirconic acid as an alternative of nickel based products with less hazardous properties when Hexafluorozirconium acid comes to environmental as well as health & safety related regulations.

Hexafluorozirconium acid , H 2 [ZrF 6 ], is an inorganic acid consisting of the transition metal zirconium and the halogen fluorine . 
Their salts are the hexafluorozirconates.

Hexafluorozirconium Acid Solution has multiple uses in inorganic chemical reactions such as the preparation of titanium oxide photocatalysts and zirconium oxide thin films. 

Hexafluorozirconium acid  is used in manufacturing of optical glass and fluozirconate. 
Hexafluorozirconium acid acts as a precursor to zirconium dioxide ceramic thin films. 
Further, it is used for surface pretreatments on steel to prevent corrosion. 
In addition to this, Hexafluorozirconium  acid is used in the production of the atomic energy industry, advanced electrical materials and refractories.

Hexafluorozirconium Acid finds most common application for preparation of photocatalysts, titanium dioxide, & thin films of zirconium oxide. 
Hexafluorozirconium acid is known to have chemical formula F6H2Zr with molecular weight of 207.23 g/mol. 
This acid is also utilized in medical & pharmaceutical industries for various formulations. 
Hexafluorozirconium acid is completely free from impurities and can be availed at highly competitive rates in bulk amounts. 
Hexafluorozirconium Acid is also used for treatment of metal's surface so as to improve its properties.

Hexafluorozirconium Acid (CAS 12021-95-3) World Market Report presents comprehensive data on Hexafluorozirconium  acid markets globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America etc.)

The Hexafluorozirconium Acid (CAS 12021-95-3) World Market Report includes Hexafluorozirconium acid description, covers its application areas and related patterns. 
Hexafluorozirconium acid overviews Hexafluorozirconium  acid market, names Hexafluorozirconium  acid producers and indicates its suppliers.
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Commodity: Hexafluorozirconium Acid
Molecular Formula: H2ZrF6
Molecular Weight: 207.22
CAS No: 12021-95-3
Property: Colorless transparent liquid, poisonous
Usage: The manufacture of optical glass and zirconium fluoride salt
Assay: 40% 45%
Impurity level: Inpurity name index
HF(%) 2 max
H2SiF6(%) 0.2max
Fe(%) 0.05max
Packing: 25kg plastic drum, 250kg plastic drum, 1000kg IBC drum
Hazardous chemical: Class: 8 UN NO: 3264

Hexafluorozirconium acid 45 % is used commonly in industrial settings as a precursor material for the manufacture of films used to coat ceramics, to synthesize glass used in prescription eyeglasses and as a common corrosion inhibitor on steel and other metal surfaces.
Hexafluorozirconium acid 45 % is a colorless, odorless liquid mixture, completely soluble in water and stable under recommended storage conditions. 
Hexafluorozirconium acid is corrosive to metals. 
Hexafluorozirconium acid  is incompatible with strong acids, bases, and should be stored away from metals as contact with metals can result in the release of hydrogen gas that can be explosive. 
This mixture is predominantly composed of 45% dihydrogen Hexafluorozirconium (2-), 54.5% water and hydrofluoric acid comprising approximately 0.5%.
Given its major uses, the primary exposure to this chemical occurs in the industrial setting. 
For workers, good manufacturing and industrial hygiene practices should be followed to prevent or reduce exposure. 
Workplace exposure limits for have been established for use of this product in worksite safety programs. 
See the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for additional information.
In contact with fire, hexafluorozirconium acid 45 % decomposes to release hazardous hydrogen fluoride. 
Fire or intense heat may cause its outer package to rupture violently so it should be stored under controlled room temperatures.

Hexafluorozirconium acid  is a solution of dihydrogen Hexafluorozirconium acid containing a small percentage of hydrogen fluoride and used in the phosphating process for metal plating. 
Hexafluorozirconium acid  is an alternative to nickel in this process because nickel is subject to environmental regulation. 
Hexafluorozirconium acid reduces considerably the formation of sludge byproducts compared to zinc-phosphate-based systems and it also can be plugged into production lines easily, with little or no modifications. 
Hexafluorozirconium acid is the preferred choice when replacing zinc-phosphate ahead of an electrocoat painting system.

The acid and its salts are used in metal surface technolog


Dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate(2-)
dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate(2-)
Dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate(2-)


Zirconate(2-), hexafluoro-  
Dihydrogen hexafluorozirconate(2-)  

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