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Calcium petroleum sulphonate, overbased, TBN 400

Product properties

Active substance:
Calcium sulphonate: approx. 24 % by weight
Calcium: approx. 15 % by weight
Mineral oil: approx. 38 % by weight
TBN: approx. 400 mg KOH/g
Appearance: dark brown, viscous liquid
Viscosity / 100 °C: approx. 80 mm2/s
Density / 15 °C: approx. 1.2 g/cm3

Hostacor PSO 400 should not be mixed with acidic components as this will reduce its efficiency and lead to precipitations.
Preservative and rust prevention oils Hostacor PSO 400 is improving the corrosion protection and the adhesion of rust prevention oils on the metal surface. 
Thus the workpieces are effectively long time protected against corrosion also under unfavourable conditions such as storage in plain air with high pollution.
The dosage range of Hostacor PSO 400 is 5-10 weight%, based on the mineral oil.

EP/AW additive
Hostacor PSO 400 is a highly efficient EP/AW additive in non water miscible fluids such as cutting oils, honing oils or deep drawing oils. 
As well tools as work pieces will be protected against wear when machined under extreme pressure/heavy duty conditions. 
Hostacor PSO 400 is either used alone or as a component of additive
packages together with fatty acid esters, phosphorous and sulphur compounds. 
Synergisitc effects will occur in many cases.

Storage behaviour

Keep container tightly closed and dry in a cool, well-ventilated place. 
The storage temperature should not exceed 50 °C. 
Recommended storage temperature: 10-25 °C.


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