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Hostaphat TBEP HQ is used as a plasticizer for polymer dispersions and also improves wetting-levelling properties of dry-bright emulsions.

Appearance:slightly yellowish, clear or turbid liquid

Hostaphat TBEP HQ is a phosphate ester used as plasticizer for polymer dispersions.

Appearance:slightly yellowish, clear or turbid liquid    
Acid value:max. 0,4    
Refractive Index (25°C)    :1,432 - 1,439    
Hazen colour number:max. 60
Water content:    max. 0,2    
Density (20°C)    :1,01 - 1,03    

Hostaphat TBEP HQ. Isotridecyl polyoxethyl (6 EO) phosphoric acid mono/diester, acid form; About 96 % Liquid Emulsifier for emulsion polymerization.

TBEP is a phosphate ester that, thanks to its structure, can be used in many applications including plasticisation, solvation, flame retardancy and defoaming.

TBEP is in fact a multifunctional additive that may be used to modify the properties of many polymer systems and is a particularly good levelling aid and coalescent additive for emulsion polymers.

TBEP is used in a mixed solvent/aqueous system as a defoamer during production and as a secondary plasticiser in many polymers. The above properties in combination with inherent flame retardancy makes TBEP a real multifunctional additive essential to many polymer formulations.

-in acrylic based polishes where its coalescent and plasticising properties will improve levelling and gloss, enabling a "dry bright" finish to be obtained. 
-TBEP will also reduce surface defects such as streaking, crazing, and powdering. -TBEP is used also in acrylic gloss paint formulations as a coalescent and defoamer.
-TBEP also helps to improve pigment wetting and rheological properties with a minimal effect on reflectance TBEP is a highly effective "knockdown" defoamer used extensively in paint, textile and paper industries.
-TBEP is also used as a halogen free flame retardant additive in polymer systems. 
-TBEP can be used also in conjunction with other flame retardants.

TBEP is used as a plasticizer for PVC, chlorinated rubber, and nitriles due to its flame retardant nature and good low temperature flexibility. 
TBEP is also used for emulsions of floor polishes, as leveling agent in latex paints and waxes, a processing aid for acrylonitrile rubber, and an antiblock agent for cast polyurethanes.

TBEP is a light-colored, high-boiling, non-flammable viscous liquid. 
TBEP is generally used as a plasticizer in rubber and plastics, pigmented systems, and aids in floor polish (as well as in other surface coatings) formation, leveling and improves gloss.

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