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CAS numbers :68439-57-6
EINECS 270-407-8

Alkenes, C14-16 alpha-, sulfonated, sodium salts; Sulfonic acids, C14-16-alkane hydroxy and C14-16-alkene, sodium salts; Sodium (C14-16) olefin sulfonate; Sodium C14-16-alkane hydroxy and C14-16-olefin sulfonates; [ChemIDplus] Mixed alkyl sulfates; [EPA] Alfanox 46 (KAO); Alkenes, C14-16 .alpha.-, sulfonated, sodium salts; alpha-Alkenylsulfonat-Natrium + Hydroxyalkansulfonat-Natrium; alpha-Olefinsulfonat-Natriumsalz; Alpha-olefinsulfonic acid sodium salt; AOS; Hostapur OS; Sodium alpha-olefin (C14-16) sulfonate; Sodium olefin (C14-16) sulfonate; 

Hostapur OS liquid is an aqueous solution of an alpha olefin sulfonate which generates highly stable micro-foam and is unsusceptible to water hardness. It is also used as anionic wetting agent in liquid formulations and is a high foaming primary surfactant for handy dishwashing liquids.

Low stickiness to textile fibres (especially for carpet and upholstery cleaners)
High foaming
Good cleansing efficacy
Low tendency to build up viscosity

alpha-Olefin sulfonates: Used in laundry detergents, hand soaps, shampoos, dishwashing and other household cleaning products, personal care products, and in the textile, leather, and cosmetics industries; [OECD SIDS] Used in the textile processing, personal-domestic use, and cosmetics industries; Used as a construction materials additive, cleaning/washing agent, disinfectant, foaming agent, and surface-active agent; [IUCLID] Permitted for use as an inert ingredient in non-food pesticide products; [

Applications :
Suspension concentrate
Warer dispersible granules
Dairy & food cleaning    
Hand dishwashing
Hard surface cleaning
Industrial cleaners
Laundry liquids
Laundry powder & tabs
Toilet & hygienic cleaning
Vehicle washing

Hostapur OS liquid has a strong wetting and cleaning
action and good foaming power. The foam quality is
excellent, with high stability.
• Hostapur OS liquid is used in the production of
detergents and cleaning agents. It is particularly
suitable for use in foam cleaners for upholstery
and carpets, because of the low stickiness of the
residues left on the fibres.
• Hostapur OS liquid is also used in the textile,
leather and construction industries as a wetting
agent, detergent and foaming agent.
• Hostapur OS liquid is used as emulsifier in emulsion polymerisation of styrene/butadiene latex,
styrene/butadiene rubber and acrylate and styrene/acrylate dispersions. 
C14/16-alpha olefin sulphonate sodium salt
Product properties *)
pale yellow, clear liquid
Iodine color number:
max. 20
pH value, 1 % active substance in water:
6.0 – 8.0
Solubility at 20 °C:
soluble in water
compatible with anionic and nonionic surfactants,
resistant to acids and alkalines
Density at 20 °C [g/cm³]:
approx. 1.07
Dry substance content [%]:
(2 h at 105 °C in drying oven)
approx. 42:
Sodium sulphate content [%]:
max. 3 

Hostapur OS liquid can be stored for at least 12 months
in original sealed containers at room temperature under
the recommended conditions.
During longer storage the pH of the product may drop
due to hydrolysis.
Prolonged storage at temperatures > 30 °C can lead to
gel formation on the surface of the product, in
particular in drums and containers. After stirring the gel
phase is destroyed and the product is again ready to
If product is stored at a temperature of < 20 °C, the
active substance may precipitate. The product can be
re-homogenized by stirring and heating.
It is not recommended to heat the product above 50 °C. 

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