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HOSTATINT BLUING PASTE is a binder-free, aqueous multipurpose pigment preparation based on nonionic and / or anionic wetting and dispersing agents and glycols. 

HOSTATINT BLUING PASTE has a pourable and pumpable consistency and is suitable for dosing machines. 
Because of HOSTATINT BLUING PASTEs good durability, it can be used for interior and exterior use after adequate weathering tests.
HOSTATINT BLUING PASTE is used in emulsion paints, long-oil alkyd resin paints, synthetic resign bound renderings and aqueous wood stains.

HOSTATINT multipurpose tinting pastes are binder-free pigment preparations, which are compatible with both aqueous and nonaqueous paint systems. 
The main fields of application are decorative paints based on aqueous synthetic resin dispersions, medium to long-oil alkyd paints, and white benzine-soluble mixed polymers.

HOSTATINT BLUING PASTE standardisation is carried out accordingly.
Composition and manufacturing conditions of the individual grades vary and depend on the physical properties of the basic pigments.

Colour Properties of HOSTATINT BLUING PASTE:
Testing of the colour properties is carried out in accordance with the test method No. 2/6 "Testing  of Hostatint Preparations", in a white emulsion paint and in a white air-drying paint based on a long-oil alkyd resin both in comparison with the standard quality of HOSTATINT BLUING PASTE.
The assessment of relative tinting strength, hue and chroma is carried out colorimetrically. 

The relative tinting strength is determined by means of the weighted K/S-sum. 
The residual colour difference after strength adjustment is divided - in accordance with the CIELAB-formula (DIN 6174) - into the lightness contribution dL, hue contribution H and chroma contribution dC. 

The tinting strength is given as relative tinting strength compared to the standard. 
For the hue assessment, we use dH and for the chroma we usedC, both after adjustment of the tinting strength to the standard. 
dL is not assessed because the value approaches zero after tinting strength adjustment. 

Fineness of Grind of HOSTATINT BLUING PASTE:
The fineness of grind is measured according to test method 1/14.

Hue: dH = ± 1.0 (CIELAB units)
Chroma: dC = ± 1.0 (CIELAB units)

Emulsion paints,
Long-oil alkyd resin paints,
Synthetic resin bound renderings.

Further Applications of HOSTATINT BLUING PASTE:
Aqueous wood stains,
Aqueous wood varnishes.

Chemical characterization of HOSTATINT BLUING PASTE: approx. 22% pigment preparation based on non-ionic and/or anionic wetting and dispersing agents.
Colour Index of the Basic Pigments of HOSTATINT BLUING PASTE: Mixture of Pigments

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