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Hostavin 3070 disp XP

Hostavin® 3070 DISP SUSTAINABLE HALS SOLUTION FOR WATERBORNE COATINGS Hostavin 3070 DISP is a 52% aqueous dispersion of an oligomeric hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS), designed for UV stabilization of paints and clearcoats. This sustainable HALS is characterized by its broad compatibility, high resistance to migration and low extraction, making it particularly suitable for plastic coatings and architectural facade coatings. Hostavin 3070 DISP has been awarded with an EcoTain label resulting from its excellent sustainability profile. Benefits Hostavin 3070 DISP is an easy to use dispersion requiring no milling or dissolving before use and can be incorporated at any stage of the paint production. Customers can use confidently, Hostavin 3070 DISP without any impact on the labeling of the final product. This is particularly important for the Do It Yourself (DIY) consumer market. Hostavin 3070 DISP provides enhanced color stability and high gloss retention for exterior coatings due to its excellent resistance to migration.
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