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Hostavin 3310 disp

Hostavin 3326 disp. is a 52 % aqueous dispersion of a broad apsorption benzotriazole UV-absorber. It is characterized by its excellent compatibility and high efficiency in waterborne paints and varnishes, especially for protection of exterior wood coatings. Benefits Waterborne Coating: UV absorber (BZT) easy to incorporate / to use with high UV absorptivity, red shifted absorption and high solids. Hostavin® 3326 P UV ABSORBER FOR PLASTIC AND COATINGS Hostavin 3326 is an UV absorber with broad absorption. Besides cooling application it is mainly used as an UV stabilizer for a wide range of plastics. Benefits Solventborne coating: UV absorber (BZT) with a high UV absorptivity and red shifted absorption, which makes it highly suitable for exterior wood protective coatings. Limited solubiltiy in coatings (1.0% -1.5%).
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