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Isocil® WT Concentrate is an EPA registered industrial mildewcide for use as directed in the approved EPA label in coatings, paints, building materials, wallpaper pastes and adhesives, aqueous adhesives and tackifiers, leather, hides, metalworking cutting fluids, fabric and fabric surfaces, vinyl, plastics, emulsions, hydraulic fluids, textiles, laundry, cooling tower water, caulking compounds, polymers, wood polymer composites, and polyurethane, and air washer systems.

Active Ingredients (% WT/WT)

2-n-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (98% Min.)


Inert Ingredients

Water  2% Max. 


Typical Properties

Appearance :Clear Light Yellow Liquid

Odor : Mild



Isothiazolinones are generally compatible with most components of industrial formulations. However, the presence of a few agents will cause degradation of the active ingredients (and therefore some care is necessary). Agents such as thiols, mercaptans, secondary amines, sulfides and other nucleophiles are to be avoided in formulations. Conditions of high heat for extended periods of time (over 30 days) of ( > 50°C) and pH above 9 will lead to loss of activity. This material is corrosive to mild steel. Do not mix with strong oxidizing or reducing agents.


Regulatory Information

This product is registered with the EPA FIFRA under 6836-325.


Safety and Handling

Isocil® WT Concentrate at 98% active is corrosive and a potential skin sensitizer. As such, keeping these solutions away from the skin is essential. Due diligence must be maintained at all times while handling these materials. When working with Isocil® WT Concentrate, ensure that workers will not come in direct contact with the product. Proper selection of personal protective equipment is essential. Even if the slightest spill were to be absorbed onto a worker’s clothing, it may work its way through and cause a delayed skin burn. If significant aerosolization is expected, then the appropriate self contained breathing apparatus is required. Recommended storage between 32o F and 100o F

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