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CAS Number: 68957-96-0

TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 is a water-soluble, non-ionic hydroxyethyl cellulose powder with standard etherifcation. 
TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 provides high gloss appearance and pigment compatibility, good anti-spattering properties, low pseudoplasticity, and moderate thickening effects, wet scrub resistance, and water retention. 

This grade of hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is particularly well-suited for use in glaze, powder paint, silicate paint, and tinter applications.
TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 is Hydroxyethyl cellulose and TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 acts as a rheology modifier. 

TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 offers high gloss, good anti-spattering, high pigment compatibility and moderate thickening effect as well as very high water retention, low pseudoplasticity and moderate wet scrub resistance. Has no bio stability. 
TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 is used in emulsion based tile adhesives.

TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 provides effects like thickening, pseudoplastic properties, water retention, protective colloid effects, film forming and a high level of salt tolerance. 
TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 offers high gloss and pigment compatibility, very high water retention, good anti-spattering, low pseudoplasticity. 

TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 exhibits moderate thickening effect and wet scrub resistance. 
TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 is used for paints and coatings applications like interior paints, exterior paints, solid paints, tinters, silicate paints, distempers, gloss effect top coats, and ready-mixed joint fillers.

TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 is a water-soluble, non-ionic, highly etherified hydroxyethyl cellulose powder. 
TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 displays increased biostability, moderate thickening effects, high solution clarity, fast consistency development, high gloss appearance and pigment compatibility, and low sag resistance and water demand. 
This grade of hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is ideal for use in emulsion decorative renders, glazes, powder and solid paints, tinters, liquid detergents, and toilet cleaners / wc-gel

Applications of TYLOSE H 6000 YP2:
Interior paints
Solid paints
Exterior paints
Gloss effect top coats

Recommended fields of application:
Interior paints
Silicate paints
Powder paints
Emulsion based tile adhesives
Gloss effect top coats
Ready-mixed joint fillers

Application Properties of TYLOSE H 6000 YP2:
The characteristics of TYLOSE MH and MHS grades make them appropriate as clumping additives in pet litter.

The resulting pet litter is improved as follows:
Fast clump formation
High clump stability
Enhanced absorption capacity
SE TYLOSE offers MH and MHS grades as fine powders, which guarantee good distribution in the base material. 

Significant properties of TYLOSE are:
Good binding,
High salt tolerance,
Eco-friendly and biodegradability.

TYLOSE can be either pressed into the base material or TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 can be applied to the finished granules. 
In the first case, the base material is usually wood powder and the pellets — including TYLOSE — are produced via extrusion. 

TYLOSE is typically added in a dosage of 6 – 7 % w/w.
In the latter case, when TYLOSE is added to finished granules, these should be wetted prior to the application of TYLOSE. 

This enhances the amount of absorption on the surface. 
Typical dosage of TYLOSE is 4 – 5 % w/w.

TYLOSE for Pet Litter of TYLOSE H 6000 YP2:
Eco-friendly pet litters are becoming increasingly popular. 
They have advantages over conventional mineral based materials where ecological and health aspects are concerned. 

Produced from minerals and often transported over long distances, mineral based pet litters are ecologically disadvantageous. 
Moreover they are not biodegradable and not flushable. 

Mineral based pet litters can produce silica dust, which is suspected to cause health problems in pets, particularly if they have longterm exposure to TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 or have respiratory issues. 
Alternative eco-friendly base materials are available. 

Typical examples are granulated wood powder and agricultural refuse such as wheat husks and corncobs. 
An important requirement of pet litter is TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 ability to form clumps. 

Eco-friendly material usually does not have this property or TYLOSE H 6000 YP2 clumping ability varies according to the quality of the material. 
Reliable binding additives are therefore needed to improve the clumping properties of the base material. 
High viscosity grades of TYLOSE MH and TYLOSE MHS can successfully achieve this.

Identifiers of TYLOSE H 6000 YP2:
Texture/Physical form: powder
Solubility: soluble in water of any temperature
Ionicity: nonionic
Moisture, as packed: max. 6 % 7130
Ash content, as Na2SO4: max. 5 % 7140
Particle size:
<0.180 mm (through 80 mesh) min. 95 % 7010
<0.100 mm (through 140 mesh) min. 45 % 7010
1.9% absolutely dry, 20°C, 20°GH
Grade, Höppler falling ball viscometer 6000 mPas 7320
Range, Brookfield RV, 20 rpm, sp. 4 6000 - 7500 mPas 7270

Properties of TYLOSE H 6000 YP2:
Constitution: Hydroxyethyl cellulose
Etherification: standard etherification Delayed solubility: yes
Particle size: powder 
Biostability: no
Level of viscosity: 6000 mPa·s according to Höppler

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TYLOSE H grades:
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TYLOSE HA grades:
TYLOSE HA 40 YP2      

TYLOSE HC grades:
TYLOSE HC 30000 YP2      

TYLOSE HS grades:
TYLOSE HS 250 YG4      
TYLOSE HS 6000 YP2      
TYLOSE HS 15000 YP2      
TYLOSE HS 30000 YP2      
TYLOSE HS 60000 YP2      
TYLOSE HS 100000 YP2      

TYLOSE HX grades:
TYLOSE HX 500 T      
TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 Plus      

TYLOSE MB grades:
TYLOSE MB 15009 P2    
TYLOSE MB 60000 P2    

TYLOSE MH grades:
TYLOSE MH 50 G4     
TYLOSE MH 200 YP2     
TYLOSE MH 300 P2     
TYLOSE MH 2000 YP2    
TYLOSE MH 6000 YP4    
TYLOSE MH 6002 P4     
TYLOSE MH 10000 KG4    
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TYLOSE MH 30000 YP4    
TYLOSE MH 30026 P4    
TYLOSE MH 60000 P6    
TYLOSE MH 60001 P4     
TYLOSE MH 60001 P6    
TYLOSE MH 60004 P6    
TYLOSE MH 60009 P4    
TYLOSE MH 60010 P4     
TYLOSE MH 100001 P6    
TYLOSE MHBS 60000 YP4     
TYLOSE MH 300003 P6    

TYLOSE MHE grades:
TYLOSE MHE 60000 YP4     

TYLOSE MHF grades:
TYLOSE MHF 10015 P4    
TYLOSE MHF 10016 P4    
TYLOSE MHF 20007 P4    
TYLOSE MHF 20010 P4    
TYLOSE MHF 150013 P6    

TYLOSE MHS grades:
TYLOSE MHS 10012 P6     
TYLOSE MHS 30024 P4     
TYLOSE MHS 30027 P6    
TYLOSE MHS 60000 YP4    
TYLOSE MHS 100005 P3    
TYLOSE MHS 100006 P3    
TYLOSE MHS 150003 P4     
TYLOSE MHS 150012 P4     
TYLOSE MHS 300000 P4    

Special grades:
TYLOSE CER 406001      
TYLOSE E 510024     
TYLOSE E 514016
TYLOSE H 4070 NG4      
TYLOSE H 100070 NP2      

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