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TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 is a water-soluble, non-ionic, chemically modified hydroxyethyl cellulose, in the form of granules, with special etherification. 
TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 displays increased biostability, very high gloss appearance and pigment compatibility, excellent anti-spattering properties, low pseudoplasticity, moderate thickening effects and water retention, and high wet scrub resistance. 
This grade of hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is particularly well-suited for use in interior paint applications.

TYLOSE HEC (hydroxyethyl cellulose/TYLOSE H-grades) are soluble in water at any temperature. 
TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 is nonionic cellulose ethers, which are offered as free flowing powder or in granular form. 
Many TYLOSE HEC grades have a retarded solubility which ensures a lump free solution in aqueous systems.

TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 ensures the required consistency for application by providing a certain rheological profile or flow property. 
This makes the application of TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 paint easy.

The amount of TYLOSE as well as TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 viscosity determines the viscosity level and leads to optimal application properties. 
During application of TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4, a decreasing viscosity with increasing shear stress is desirable. 

Uses of TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4:

Recommended use of TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4: 
Rheological Additive,
Special applications,
Coating material,
Chemical for use in construction.

Application performance of TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4:
Biostability: yes
Gloss: very high
Pigment Compatibility: very high
Anti-spattering: excellent
Pseudoplasticity: low
Thickening effect: moderate
Wet scrub resistance: high
Water retention: moderate

Function as Protective Colloid:
Coating materials are predominantly dispersions of pigments and fillers in an aqueous medium. 
TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 acts as a protective colloid by preventing the agglomeration of the solid particles. 

This leads to a better storage stability and easier agitation of the paint.
Due to TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4s molecular structure and its specific properties, TYLOSE is a highly effective protective colloid. 
TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 is widely used in other application fields, such as polymerisation, to avoid the coagulation of the polymer.

Binding Power:
Especially in distempers, TYLOSE acts as a binder by combining the solid particles and binding them to the substrate. 
TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 has strong adhesive power, good dry binding power and dry adhesion.
For these reasons, TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 ensures a good adhesion between the coating and substrate. 

First Aid of TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4:

First-aid measures after inhalation: 
Remove person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing.

First-aid measures after skin contact:: 
Wash skin with plenty of water.

First-aid measures after eye contact:
Rinse immediately with plenty of water, also under the eyelids. 
Consult an ophthalmologist if irritation persists.

First-aid measures after ingestion:: 
Rinse mouth. 
If symptoms persist, call a physician.

Properties of TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4:
Constitution: Hydroxyethyl cellulose - chemically modified
Appearance: granules
Etherification: special
Particle size: granules
Delayed solubility: yes
Level of viscosity: according to Höppler 6000 mPa•s

Physical state: Solid
Appearance: Powder
Colour: whitish
Odour: characteristic
Odour threshold: No data available
pH: 5.5 - 8 10g/l
Relative evaporation rate (butylacetate=1): Not specifically applicable
Melting point / Freezing point: Melting point: Not specifically applicable
Freezing point: Not specifically applicable
Boiling point: Not specifically applicable
Flash point: Not specifically applicable
Auto-ignition temperature: > 120 °C
Flammability (solid, gas): No data available
Vapour pressure: Vapour pressure: Not specifically applicable
Relative density: Relative vapour density at 20 °C: Not specifically applicable
Density: Density: 1.1 - 1.5 g/cm³ 20 °C
Relative density: Not specifically applicable
Solubility: Water: > 10 g/l @ 20°C
Log Pow: < 0
Viscosity, dynamic: Not specifically applicable
Explosive properties: Product is not explosive. Dust may form explosive mixture in air.
Explosive limits: No data available
Minimum ignition energy: > 10 mJ
Fat solubility: No data available
Conbustion class: 5
Smoulder temperature: 280 °C
pmax: 10 bar
Dust explosion category: ST1
KSt: < 200 bar*m/s
Ignition temperature: > 460 °C

Descriptions of TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4:
Product form: Substance
Substance name: TYLOSE HX 6000 YG4 Plus HT
Product code: HEC_HX_R

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