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CAS Number: 68953-58-2
EC Number: 273-219-4 

VISCOGEL B4 is a bentonite clay organically modified with a quaternary alkyl ammonium compound. 
VISCOGEL B4 acts as a rheology modifier for solvent-borne systems. 

VISCOGEL B4 requires mechanical energy, shear forces applied with a good dispersion equipment, and a chemical (polar) activator to reach the proper level of delamination of the organobentonite platelet stacks. 
VISCOGEL B4 offers sag control and excellent levelling. 

VISCOGEL B4 shows good performance in solvents like aliphatic mineral spirits and aromatics. 
VISCOGEL B4 is used in manufacturing oil based paints and stains for industrial or architectural industry. 

VISCOGEL B4 is recommended for house & industrial paints (at dosage level 0.2% - 0.6%), primers & printing inks (at dosage level 0.5% - 1.0%), and for applications with strong anti-sagging properties (at dosage level up to 3.0%). 
The shelf life of VISCOGEL B4 is 36 months.

VISCOGEL B4 is a rheological additive for solvent-borne systems of low to medium polarity that gives thixotropic effect, sag control, excellent levelling and prevents pigments from long-term storage settling. 
The nature of VISCOGEL B4 is a bentonite clay, organically modified with a quaternary alkylammonium compound.

Applications of VISCOGEL B4:
VISCOGEL B4 is used in a wide range of manufacturing processes like oil based paints and stains (either industrial or architectural), printing inks, lubricating greases, adhesives, cosmetic and personal care products, to give the desired rheological control to the system.
VISCOGEL B4 shows particularly good performance in solvents like aliphatic mineral spirits and aromatics.

Additive rheological VISCOGEL B4 is widely used in production processes with the aim of providing rheological control of the system, namely, decorative paints and paints for industrial use, primers, bottom layers, printing ink (lithography, letterpress, gravure printing), grease, bitumen compounds, adhesives, mastics, sealers and waxes. 
Thanks to VISCOGEL B4 stability from the point of view of expansion when working in the solvent polarity from low to medium additive VISCOGEL B4 has proven itself in such solvents as mineral spirits aliphatic and aromatic series. 
Binders with low polarity, such as Alcide and terpenes, a substance based on petroleum products and styrene-butadiene rubber, are also compatible with VISCOGEL B4.

VISCOGEL B4 is always necessary to determine the correct level of additives based on the experiment. 
Defective chemical activator or VISCOGEL B4 excess reduce development viscosity. 
In the market there are other types of chemical dispersing agents based on surfactants, which act as dispersing agents on top of plastinates supplements VISCOGEL B4, and should be used only after VISCOGEL B4 has occurred dispersing organogeny.

Applications Area of VISCOGEL B4:
Sealants and adhesive,

Uses of VISCOGEL B4:
VISCOGEL B4 can be added directly in powder without polar activator and making pre-gel. 
But better performance may achieved if polar activator is added and pre-gel procedure is effected.

Advantages of VISCOGEL B4:
VISCOGEL B4 has high efficiency,
The gel is of light colour and high clarity,
VISCOGEL B4 is easy to use, no need to pregel,
VISCOGEL B4 eliminate polar activator,
VISCOGEL B4 consistent development of rheology,
VISCOGEL B4 can be used to post correct.

Incorporation of VISCOGEL B4:
VISCOGEL B4 belongs to the conventional type of organoclays group, which requires mechanical energy, shear forces applied with a good dispersion equipment, and a chemical (polar) activator to reach the proper level of delamination of the organobentonite platelet stacks.
While heat is not essential in most cases, processing temperatures above 20°C are preferred. 

Activators’ dosage (based on VISCOGEL weight):
Methanol/H2O (95:5): 33% 
Ethanol/H2O (95:5): 50% 
Acetone/H2O (95:5): 60% 
Propylene Carbonate/H2O (95:5): 33% 
Propylene Carbonate: 33%

VISCOGEL B4 is always recommended to determine the proper level of addition by experiment.
Either defect or excess of chemical activator would result in poorer viscosity development. 

Several methods can be used to incorporate VISCOGEL B4:

The “direct add” technique:
VISCOGEL B4 is added directly in powder form to the solvent/resin mix, before pigment addition and milling. 
Surfactants have to be added the last.

The “pregel” technique:
VISCOGEL B4 is pregelled as described above in a suitable solvent at a 5-10 % concentration, with a polar activator.
The activated gel is then added to the binder solution and stirred. 
After pigment addition the mix is finally milled.

Dosage of VISCOGEL B4:
Level of addition strongly depends on the type of system and on the degree of thickening or other properties desired. 
For house and industrial paints, typical levels are between 0.2 % and 0.6 % of VISCOGEL B4. 

For primers and printing inks, higher levels are required (0.5-1.0 %). 
For strong antisagging properties, up to 3.0 % can be used.

Storage Stability and Packing of VISCOGEL B4:
Product do not deteriorate in a significant way in a 36 months period. 
Storage is advisable in a dry, sheltered place in closed bags. 
Packing is 25 Kg net paper bags on wood pallets of 1000 - 1,400 Kg each. 

Additive rheological VISCOGEL B4 specially designed for systems based on organic solvent polarity from low to medium. 
In a typical coating systems (coatings and printing inks) additive VISCOGEL B4 provides a thixotropic effect, SAG control, good leveling, and also prevents the settling of pigments during long-term storage. 
By their nature, additive rheological VISCOGEL B4 is bentonite clay, organically modified Quaternary ammonium base is essential for development of organophilicity with the aim of increasing efficiency in organic medium.

During 12 months of storage of VISCOGEL B4, VISCOGEL B4 quality and properties are not appreciably reduced. 
VISCOGEL B4 is best stored dry and indoors in sealed bags.

Packaging of VISCOGEL B4:
Paper bags weighing 25 kg on wooden pallets weighing 1200 kg each.

Chemical and Physical Properties of VISCOGEL B4:
The composition of the smectite clay with a Quaternary ammonium base

Color: pale cream
Form: freely current powder
Density: 1.7 — 1.8 g/см33
Moisture: 3% max

Other Descriptions of VISCOGEL B4:
Usage: Laboratory
Grade Standard: Technical Grade
Physical State: Liquid
Packaging Type: Glass Bottle

CAS Number: 68953-58-2
EINECS: 273-219-4 

Other VISCOGEL Range:

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