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VISCOGEL X7 belongs to the conventional type of organoclays group, which requires mechanical energy, shear forces applied with a good dispersion equipment, and a chemical (polar) activator to reach the proper level of delamination of the organobentonite platelet stacks.
VISCOGEL X7 is while heat is not essential in most cases, processing temperatures above 20°C are preferred. 

VISCOGEL X7 is suitable polar activators are low molecular weight alcohol. 
VISCOGEL X7 is propylene carbonate can also be used.

VISCOGEL X7 is a new high performing, highly effective rheological additive for solvent-borne systems of medium to high polarity. 
In a typical coating system (paints and printing inks), VISCOGEL X7 gives thixotropic effect, sag control, excellent levelling and prevents pigments from long-term storage settling.
The nature of VISCOGEL X7 is a highly purified bentonite clay, organically modified with a quaternary alkylammonium compound. 

VISCOGEL X7 is always recommended to determine the proper level of addition by experiment. 
Either defect or excess of chemical activator would result in poorer viscosity development.

Several methods can be used to incorporate VISCOGEL X7:

The “direct add” technique: 
VISCOGEL X7 is added directly in powder form to the solvent/resin mix, before pigment addition and milling.

The “pregel” technique:
VISCOGEL X7 is pregelled as described above in a suitable solvent at a 5-10 % concentration, with a polar activator. 
The activated gel is then added to the binder solution and stirred. 
After pigment addition the mix is finally milled. 

Dosage of VISCOGEL X7:
Level of addition strongly depends on the type of system and on the degree of thickening or other properties desired. 
For house and industrial paints, typical levels are between 0.2 % and 0.6 % of VISCOGEL X7. 

For primers and printing inks, higher levels are required (0.5-1.0 %). 
For strong antisagging properties, up to 3.0 % can be used.

Applications of VISCOGEL X7:
VISCOGEL X7 is used in a wide range of manufacturing processes for anti-corrosive paints, antifouling paints, industrial finishes, foundry mould paints, printing inks, cosmetics, adhesives and mastics to give the desired rheological control to the system. 
VISCOGEL X7 shows particularly good performance in solvents like aromatics, cellosolve, acetates, ketones, glycols and alcohols and resins like epoxies, nitrocellulose, polyacrylates, polesters, polyurethanes and polyvinyls.

Storage Stability and Packing of VISCOGEL X7:
VISCOGEL X7 do not deteriorate in a significant way in a 36 months period. 
Storage is advisable in a dry, sheltered place in closed bags. 
Packing is 15 Kg net paper bags on wood pallets of 600 – 900 Kg each.

Identifiers of VISCOGEL X7:
Composition: Smectite clay with quaternary alkilammonium salt 
Colour: Whitish
Form: Free flowing powder
Bulk Density: 0.4 -0.6 g/cm3
Specific Gravity: 1.7 -1.8 g/cm3
Moisture: 3 %

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