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Xiameter antifoam emulsions are suitable for use in both aqueous and non-aqueous systems. They offer long lasting foam inhibition and immediate defoaming effect. They are effective at much lower dosage rates and are more persistent than organic antifoams. Silicone antifoams are stable over a wide range of temperatures and pH levels.  Silicone antifoam emulsions are non-ionic aqueous emulsions of silicone antifoam compounds.

Synonyms: None
CAS No.: Not applicable.
Molecular Weight: Not applicable.
Chemical Formula: Not applicable.

Tradename    Viscosity[cP]    Form    Active %
Xiameter AFE-0400    500-2000    Liq    10
Xiameter AFE-0110     1000-6000    Liq    10
Xiameter AFE-0310     3000    Liq    30
Xiameter AFE-1510     2000    Liq    10
Xiameter AFE-1520     6000    Liq    20
Xiameter AFE-1530     3000    Liq    30
Xiameter AFE-0700     1500    Liq    14
Xiameter AFE-0020     700    Liq    20

10% active silicone antifoam emulsion recommended for industrial and textile applications such as dyeing, printing, fabric sinking, latex coating, bleaching, scouring, finishing and sizing.
Silicone emulsion
Physical Form
Milky-white thin liquid
Special Properties
Water dilutable; easily dispersed
Primary Uses
Prevention of foaming in waterbased industrial processes

Excessive foam reduces productivity and quality by:
• Process fluctuations
• Poor washing, filtration and drying
• Reduced pumping efficiency
• Thermal insulation – poor temperature control
• Floatation of solids
• Reducing vessel capacity
• Preventing distillations
• Increasing packaging (bottling) times ....etc
Foaming is inherent to many manufacturing processes, for which effective foam
control is a ‘must have’ because without it many processes are seriously
restricted or do not function at all.

Antifoam Types:
Fluid: Inert, low-toxicity silicone fluids, available in a wide range of viscosities. Good option for controlling foam in nonaqueous applications.
Dispersion: Aliphatic solvent dispersion of fluids. Mainly used in oil and gas applications.
Compound: Silicone fluids containing a suspension of finely powdered silica to enhance their defoaming efficiency. Primarily used in nonaqueous applications.
Emulsion: Emulsified antifoam compound in water. Good option for controlling foam in aqueous applications.
Concentrate: High-concentration, self-emulsifiable products.
Powder: Solid powdered compound antifoam. Can be added to dry products to prevent foaming when liquids are added.

Foam Control Keywords:
Antifoams are added to prevent foam from occurring.
Defoamers are added to reduce or eliminate foam after it has formed.
Foam Control is a general term to describe defoaming and/or antifoams.
Knockdown is a measure of the reduction of the foam height upon addition of a defoamer. While the rapidness of foam being eliminated is important, the critical measure is reduction of foam height.
Persistency is a measure of how long the antifoam performs.

Xiameter AFE-0400
Xiameter AFE-0400 Antifoam Emulsion is an aqueous emulsion contains 10% active silicone. 
Xiameter AFE-0400 Antifoam Emulsion can be prediluted with 3-10 parts of cool water to aid in dispersion. Prediluted suspensions should be used immediately. Xiameter AFE-0400 Antifoam Emulsion is typically effective at 1-100 ppm. The flow properties of Xiameter AFE-0400 Antifoam Emulsion are such that it can be pumped on an as-needed basis to a fermentor system with sufficient agitation to disperse the antifoam.
Appearance: White emulsion
pH: ~6.5
Density: 1.0 at 25 °C

Xiameter AFE-0400:
•    Dyeing
•    Printing
•    Fabric sinking
•    Latex coating
•    Bleaching
•    Scouring
•    Finishing and sizing
•    Food-processing industry
•    Waste water treatment
•    Cosmetics
•    Effluent Treatment
•    Detergency
•    Paper Industry & fermentation industry
•    Latex Manufacturing
•    Oil and Natural gas production
•    Agrochemical
•    Construction (Cement processing)

The emulsion system has been carefully designed for optimum stability, especially in hot
aqueous textile liquors, to minimize the risk of siloxane deposition and oil spotting. Good
compatibility with dye bath components ensure trouble free processing.
•    Immediate foam knockdown
•    Long term foam inhibition
•    Low addition levels Rapid dispersion in aqueous foaming systems
•    Stable in textile processes at pH 4–11
•    Foam control up to 100°C
•    Good compatibility with dye stuffs, surfactants and textile auxiliaries

How To Use:
For optimum efficiency, XIAMETER AFE-0400 Antifoam Emulsion should be diluted with
cold soft or distilled water in the ratio of 1 part XIAMETER AFE-0400 Antifoam Emulsion to
9 parts water (maximum). The diluted emulsion may require gentle stirring before use if
stored for more than 24 hours.

•    Silicone-based compound
•    Emulsion spreads silicone fast and effectively
•    Heavy-duty defoamer
•    Suitable in non-aqueous foaming situations

Silicone-based defoamers might be delivered as an oil or a water-based emulsion, and can be used in non-aqueous foaming systems like crude oil and oil refining.

Advantages of Xiameter AFE-0400: 
• Are effective at much lower dosage rates than organic
antifoams, leading to significantly lower cost-in-use.
• Tend to be much more persistent (longer lasting) than
organic antifoams
• Tend to be less reactive in the foaming medium, leading
to fewer compatibility problems
• Are stable over a wide temperature range

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