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EMULGATOR 825 is a nonionic emulsifiers for the chemical and allied industries.

EMULGATOR 825 is a nonionic surfactant that has a hydrophilic polyethylene oxide chain (on average EMULGATOR 825 has 25 ethylene oxide units) and an aromatic hydrocarbon lipophilic or hydrophobic group. 
The hydrocarbon group is a 4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)-phenyl group.

EMULGATOR 825 is an alkylphenol ethoxylate. 
EMULGATOR 825 acts as a high-performance oil in water type of emulsifier. 

EMULGATOR 825 offers stabilization of emulsions, dispersions and latices against thermal, mechanical and chemical effects. 
EMULGATOR 825 can be used alone or in combination with anionic emulifiers such as Emulphor OPS 25 or with cationic emulsifiers in emulsion polymerization processes. 

EMULGATOR 825 is used in emulsion polymerization processes for many different types of monomer such as acrylic esters, styrene and vinyl compounds (with 1-5% addition level). 
Also, EMULGATOR 825 is used for emulsifying ester waxes and fatty acids (with 5-15% addition level) and disperse systems (with 0.5-5% addition level).

Storage of EMULGATOR 825:
The EMULGATOR types should be stored in their original packaging, which should be kept tightly sealed, in a dry place. 
Storerooms must not be overheated.

Avoid a humid environment, because the products are hygroscopic and, being readily soluble in water, absorb moisture immediately. 
For this reason, EMULGATOR 825 is advisable to reseal drums tightly without delay each time material is taken from them.

The congealing points of the EMULGATOR types must be taken into consideration when determining the storage temperature.
The EMULGATOR types can become slightly cloudy if they are stored at low temperatures, but this has no effect on the product properties.

The cloudiness can be reversed at 50 – 60 °C.
EMULGATOR 825 that has solidified or that shows signs of precipitation should be heated to 50 – 70 °C and homogenized before use.

EMULGATOR 825 in drums that has solidified or that shows signs of precipitation should be melted or heated gently in a heating cabinet or heated chamber.
The temperature should not exceed 50 – 70 °C, depending on the particular congealing or melting point. 

This also applies if electric drum heaters are used.
Internal electrical elements are unsuitable for heating owing to the high heat load in some places.

If the EMULGATOR types are stored in heated tanks at 50 – 70 °C (depending on the particular congealing or melting point), care must be taken to ensure that they do not come into contact with air (blanket with nitrogen). 
Constant gentle stirring prevents them from overheating or becoming discoloured as a result of prolonged contact with the heating elements or external heating jacket.
EMULGATOR OG and TO 40 Flakes should be stored in a dry place at a temperature not exceeding 25 – 30 °C.


Tanks made of the following materials are suitable for the storage of EMULGATOR types:
V2A stainless steel (1.4541 or X6 CrNiTi 1810)
V4A stainless steel (1.4571 or X6 CrNiMoTi 17122)

Shelf life of EMULGATOR 825:
The EMULGATOR types have a shelf-life of at least 24 months, provided they are stored in their original packaging and kept tightly sealed.

Safety of EMULGATOR 825: 
We know of no ill effects that could have resulted from using EMULGATOR types for the purpose for which they are intended and from processing them in accordance with current practice. 
According to the experience we have gained over many years and
other information at our disposal, EMULGATOR types do not exert any harmful effects on health, provided that they are used properly, due attention is given to the precautions necessary for handling chemicals, and the information and advice given in our Safety Data Sheets are observed.

Product Type of EMULGATOR 825: 
Emulsifiers > Oil in Water (o/w)
Chemical Composition of Emulan OP 25: Alkylphenol ethoxylate

Names of EMULGATOR 825:

IUPAC names of EMULGATOR 825:

Other names of EMULGATOR 825:
Polyethylene glycol p-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)-phenyl ether
Octyl phenol ethoxylate
Polyoxyethylene octyl phenyl ether
4-Octylphenol polyethoxylate

Synonyms of EMULGATOR 825:
Emulgator DBN
DBN emulgator [Czech]
DBN emulgator

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