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CAS NUMBER: 123-94-4



Wilfarester DMG-90 is the most widely used food additives, safety used in food, pharmaceutical, plastic and other production and processing.
With natural plant oil as raw material to produce Wilfarester DMG-90, hereinafter referred to as monoglycerides, by molecular distillation technology purification of effective components of 90% or more,
Wilfarester DMG-90 is also known as molecular distilled monoglycerides.
Wilfarester DMG-90 is the most widely used food additives.
Wilfarester DMG-90 is used in food, medicine, plastic production and processing, such as emulsifier of market.Molecular distillation monoglyceride ester and emulsification of stearic acid glycerol ester content is higher, excluding the reduction efficiency of impurities, so emulsifying capacity than the crude ester improves the 3-4 times, add 0.05~2% general will be able to achieve the processing of food products, such as the need, has the white color, odorless, stable performance characteristics.



-Food oil cake, cream, coffee mate, cold, liquid solid beverage, dairy, toffee, caramel, fruit, chocolate, bread, biscuits, Peanut/walnut/bean/sesame/coconut sauce (milk), sausage, ham sausage, noodles, rice flour products, starch, spicy food, etc.
-The field of cosmetics, skin fat, cold cream, hair cream, shampoo formula, emulsifier and thickener.
-The medical field: preparation, nutrient solution, etc
-Plastic additives field: pearl cotton packing, food packaging film, PVC stabilizer, fruit quilt, health materials.
-The agricultural sector: in agricultural greenhouse film production, monoglycerides is the main raw material flow drops.Monoglycerides can be used as a plasticizer, alkyd tree cellulose nitrate



-The drinks and the application of instant food:

Wilfarester DMG-90 to join containing fat and protein beverage (coconut milk, peanut milk, soy milk, almond milk, cocoa powder, soybean milk) can significantly improve the solubility and stability, prevent the precipitation and separation, and have fu xiang shading effect, monoglycerides thermal stability is good, very suitable for all kinds of beverage production.

-The application of ice cream:

Wilfarester DMG-90 is making high-quality ice cream is the most ideal, emulsifier and stabilizer can improve the dispersion, fat fat particles uniform fine;Promote the fat and protein interactions; To prevent and control the thick ice crystals form, make the organization fine and smooth;Improve the product cover type and storage;To improve it.

-The application of oil products:

Used in margarine, butter, shortening, peanut butter, coconut sauce, oyster sauce and other products, can adjust grease crystallization, prevent the stratification analysis oil, improve the quality of products.
Used in refined milk, malted milk, cheese, instant whole milk powder and other dairy products, can improve the instant sex, prevent products precipitation, caking knot;At the same time can also be applied to the powder oil products, such as coffee mate as emulsifier.

-The application of bread products:

Can promote the rapid fermented bread, increasing the bread volume, improve the organizational structure, the dough extension bread freshness.
Reference dosage of 0.3%.

-The application of candy, chocolate:

Not only can make the sugar and fat fast mixing raw materials, and also not separation after cooling;To prevent the phenomenon such as grain, grain and oil.Also prevent products sticky, adhesion and deformation and improve moisture resistance of the product.

-In the application of plastic industry:

The plastic resin migration is fast, effective length, can reduce the surface resistance reduces the electrostatic formation and accumulation, so have rapid long-term antistatic reduce dust adsorption function, as antistatic agent and dustproof agent of plastic.
The excellent surface activity, in the plastic resin to make film surface moist, transparent, air condensation water can down along the membrane, so has good sealing and printing, transparency good pervious to light, can be used as constant antifoggant drip resistant agent.
Good oil resistance, compatibility with the resin molecules and reduce the friction between the molecules, reduce the melt viscosity, can shorten the production cycle, high yield, as the internal and external lubricants, release agent.
The good emulsification: with foaming agent, can make the structure homogenous foam, reduce shrinkage of bubble, especially when winter temperatures low shrinkage resistance is strong, make the products bright clean, smooth, save raw materials, as foaming agent resistance to contraction aid.
The compatibility of resin, which can further resin molecules, increase flexibility, can improve the melting and injection molding, thus can be used as plasticizer, modifying agent.
Made of natural vegetable oil as raw material, no smell, the food additive production, therefore, safe non-toxic, can be added to the food packaging plastic.



-For food use: cake, bread, instant noodles, biscuit, candy, chocolate, inc cream, milk, cheese, pork luncheon meat, cold food, drink food etc..
-For plastic use: PVC, EPE, PE
-Others: pharmacy, cosmetic use
-EPE foam/PE foam
-Foaming assist and shrink resistant



-PVC complex stabilizer
-Lubrication assist and antistatic
-Agricultural greenhouse film
-Antistatic masterbatch
-Foaming assist masterbatch
-Anti-foging masterbatch



-Total monoglyceride: 90% min
-Acid value: 2.5 max
-Saponification value: 150-165
-Melting point: 60-70
-Iodine value: 4.0 max
-Arsenic value: 0.0001 max
-Heavy metal (as Pb): 0.0005 max
-Iron (Fe): 0.0002 max
-Free glycerol: 1.0 max













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