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Name: E474 (Sucroglycerides)

Function: Emulsifier, Stabiliser


E474 (Sucroglycerides) are used in food and cosmetics products due to its anti-irritant, water-soluble, non-toxic and surfactant properties. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) can be used as stabilizing and dispersing agents and emulsifiers especially in water based formulations. 
Also, E474 (Sucroglycerides) can be used to enhance biological efficacy of ingredients under some conditions. 
Mainly the E474 (Sucroglycerides)are used in comporting animal feeds to improve digestion of fat.

Growing demand for emulsifiers in food and beverages industry is driving the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market. 
Being a thinking agent Increasing demand for dessert toppings, ice cream, mayonnaise, artificial cream, etc. is also fuelling the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market. 

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are commonly used in the manufacturing of food products. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are manufactured through a reaction between sucrose and any edible fat or oil and are known in the food industry to be highly biodegradable and non-toxic.

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are employed as a stabilizer, thickener and emulsifier and is commonly used in dairy-based desserts such as yogurts, ice cream, sorbets, cocoa mix, fruit based desserts, rice pudding, tapioca pudding and even chewing gums. 
Also, E474 (Sucroglycerides) are used in cosmetic products due to its water solubility, surfactant and anti-irritating properties. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are also used to enhance the biological efficacy of several ingredients under some conditions. 
Emulsifiers such as E474 (Sucroglycerides) plays an important role in the manufacture of food products, confectionaries and a range of bakery products.

Increasing applications of E474 (Sucroglycerides) supported by continuous research and developments is also catalysing the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market. 
Being a gelling agent increasing demand of E474 (Sucroglycerides) in cosmetics products is fuelling the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market.  
Moreover, the changing life style of consumers resulting into the increasing demand of cosmetics and personal care products, which is further fuelling the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market. 

E474 (Sucroglycerides) also can be used for specific purposes such as weight loose, etc., which is also fuelling the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market. 
Moreover, the increasing consumer awareness for the uses of these food additives is also expected the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) marketin forecast period.
Furthermore, the demand for convenience food and soft drinks is increasing due to globalization and modernization, which is further resulting into the increasing demand for food additives. 

This is also fuelling the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market. 
Moreover, the global supply chain has made the product easily available everywhere, which is also fuelling the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market.
Although the global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market is growing but increasing health awareness of consumers can be a limiting factor for the global E474 (Sucroglycerides) marketin forecast period. 
Moreover, these food additives are not permitted to use in some countries, which is also limiting the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market.

There has been a constant demand for E474 (Sucroglycerides) in the food and beverage industry. 
Since every food products nowadays such as mayonnaise, desert toppings, ice-cream and artificial cream are using E474 (Sucroglycerides) as a thickening agent, which is fuelling the growth of the global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market. 
With the increasing application of E474 (Sucroglycerides) supported by continuous research and development is also improving the global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market.

The changing life habits of consumer around the world is customarily increasing the demand for emulsified food products and cosmetics, which is unfailingly fueling the growth of global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are also used for weight loss purposes and are a common occurrence in “sport” and “high electrolyte” marketed energy drinks. 

Other beverages like fruit wine, cider, mead or spirituous drinks are also treated with E474 (Sucroglycerides). 
Such factors are developing growth for the E474 (Sucroglycerides) market. 
Furthermore, the global supply chain have made the product easily available, which is also helping the global E474 (Sucroglycerides) market in advance.

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are used as Emulsifier in Foods such as Canned liquid coffee, heat-treated meat products, confectionery, chewing gum, non-alcoholic drinks.

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are used in:

-Food and beverages
-Dairy products
-Meat products
-Soft drinks
-Bakery and confectionary products
-Puddings, syrups, etc.
-Personal care products

E474 (Sucroglycerides) refer to emulsifiers for the oil-water system. Unlike mono- and triesters, insoluble in fat and water, E474 (Sucroglycerides) work perfectly in the composition of pasta improvers.

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are widely used in the production of:

-substitutes for cream, milk drinks, ice cream, fruit fillings;
-desserts, confectionery, mousses, creams;
-dietary products;
-powders for making beverages and sauces;
-for surface treatment of fruits.

-Impact on humans

There is no set maximum daily dose for E 474-E474 (Sucroglycerides). 
The supplement is broken down in the human body with the help of enzymes of sugar and fatty acids. 
It is considered conditionally harmful, in some countries it is not allowed for use.

People with metabolic disorders should avoid consuming products containing the E474 (Sucroglycerides). 
It is forbidden to add E474 (Sucroglycerides) to baby food.


E474 (Sucroglycerides) are substances used in the manufacture of food. 
They are known in the E number scheme as E474.
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are Mixtures of monoglycerides and sucroesters obtained by transesterification of sucrose and triglycerides, used as emulsifiers.
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are Prepared from sources of plant and animal fats.

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are a mixture of mono- and diesters of sucrose and fatty acids with mono-, di- and triglycerides from fat or oil. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are produced by reacting the sucrose and fat/oil together with or without the presence of a solvent. 
Usually the solvent is either dimethyl formamide, cyclohexane, isobutanol, isopropanol, or ethyl acetate. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are used as an emulsifier, stabiliser and thickener in many foods.

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are stabilizers that preserve viscosity and improve the consistency of food products. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are used as emulsifiers, as means for processing flour and for making coatings for food products. 
In some countries, the additive is not approved for use. 

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are semi-solid mass or white powder, without a strong odor. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) contain nutrients such as sugar, fat or fatty acids, but the complexity of their preparation does not allow esters to be considered ideal emulsifying agents. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are difficult to dissolve in water, its treatment requires mandatory dissolution in alcohol or glycol.


E474 (Sucroglycerides) have been known at least since 1963.

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are obtained through a reaction between sucrose and an edible oil or fat, and consist of a mixture of mono- and di-esters of sucrose and fatty acids, and mono- and diglycerides. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are immiscible with water, so some solvents may be necessary to produce them. 
These are limited to dimethyl formamide, cyclohexane, isobutanol, isopropanol and ethyl acetate.

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are employed as an emulsifier, stabiliser and thickener, and may be used in dairy based drinks, such as chocolate milk, eggnog, drinking yoghurt, beverage whiteners, or in dairy based desserts such as ice cream, yoghurt, sorbets, fruit based desserts, cocoa mixes, chewing gum, rice pudding or tapioca pudding. Processed meat, egg based desserts like custard, soups and broths, sauces also may be treated with E474 (Sucroglycerides).

Goops and supplements for "weight reduction", infants or youth, "sport" or "electrolyte" drinks, and particulated drinks like cider, fruit wine, mead or spirituous drinks may also be treated with E474 (Sucroglycerides).

It is known that the expression "sucroglyceride" designates the mixture of products obtained by reaction of sucrose with natural or synthetic triglycerides, which mixture contains monoglycerides, diglycerides, unchanged triglycerides (in small amounts), monoesters and diesters of sucrose in variable proportions depending on the nature of the triglyceride used and the proportion thereof employed with respect to the sucrose. 

E474 (Sucroglycerides) are blends of glycerides and sugar esters. 
Additionally, E474 (Sucroglycerides) are highly biodegradable and nontoxic. 
E474 (Sucroglycerides) are derived from transesterification of mono and di esters, potassium salts, mono and di glyceryl esters, and vegetable oil fatty acids.

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